aaaaand Utah still won’t give Terry Achane his daughter back. STILL.

The Utah Supreme Court today put a temporary hold on a trial judge’s orders to return a little girl to her soldier father after she was given up for adoption without his consent two years ago.

Drill sergeant Terry Achane was waiting in Dallas airport to board a flight to Utah when he was told that a hearing scheduled for today, that would have likely reunited him with baby Teleah, was cancelled.

‘He’s extremely disappointed,’ his attorney, Mark Wiser, told MailOnline. ‘He’s waited almost two years to gain custody of his daughter. Everyday without her is heart-wrenching.’

Achane’s officers at Fort Jackson in South Carolina ordered him to return to the base until the court makes a final ruling.

‘The decision could happen anywhere from tomorrow, to next week to a month from now,’ Wiser said.

The Supreme Court said the provisional stay on the petition for emergency relief filed by the adoptive parents, Jared and Kristi Frei, would give it ‘the time necessary to adjudicate the request for emergency relief.’

But the court didn’t indicate how long that might take.

Wiser said it could be something as simple as one or two of the justices were not available for the hearing or that the court wanted more time to read through the information in the case.

‘There is quite a bit of material,’ he said.

The Freis are appealing the decision made by Fourth District Judge Darold McDade on November 20 and upheld on January 4.

If the petition for ’emergency relief’ is granted it means Achane, not the Freis, will have custody of Teleah while the appeal takes place.

Wiser said Achane had arranged time off work and Teleah’s grandmother had flown to South Carolina to help out with the transition.

The sergeant had also footed the cost of flights from South Carolina to Utah as well as hotels for when he arrived.

‘He had to bear all the cost of that, so that’s frustrating,’ Wiser said. ‘He’s hoping to get his daughter back as soon as possible.’

The adoptive parents of a little girl given away without her father’s knowledge are trying to block her return to him. [source]


If ever a sane man had a reason to snap and violate federal gun laws……

Breaks my heart, guys… just breaks my heart.


on another note, today is the day where if people donate money directly to Terry Achane’s lawyer, the donations will be matched by an outside source.

If ever you were thinking about helping out Terry Achane… this is that day




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