30 police called to break up fight at baby shower consisting of 200 people.

In a truly strange turn of events, nearly 30 police officers were called in to break up a baby shower brawl over the weekend.

“It’s a shame,” Stoughton, Mass. police Executive Officer Robert Devine told the Enterprise News.

About 200 attendees were at the baby shower, which was held at the Club Luis de Camoes. In surveillance video from the incident, a beer bottle reportedly can be seen flying past a someone’s head. A large-scale brawl immediately erupted.

As the brawl unfolds, tables are overturned while chairs and punches are thrown.

“We were outnumbered. It was a very, very dangerous scene,” the police officer said in a separate interview with local NBC affiliate WHDH. “We certainly feel that we were very lucky that no one got injured.”

Police say that after the melee began, it was the same female bartender who avoided the flying beer bottle who ushered the several children in attendance to safety in a nearby closet. The bartender then called police, who quickly arrived on the scene.

Amongst the four males arrested was a 14-year-old boy.

And at one point, police say they were forced to use an electronic stun gun after being surrounded by an angry crowd of baby shower attendees.

Police say they still don’t know what launched the incident and are reviewing tape of the incident as they consider making further arrests as part of their investigation.

The three adult men arrested all plead “not guilty” Monday morning at Stoughton District Court. Patrick Cardoso Lopes, 24, Paulo Pires Depina, 24, and Aderito Lopes Deandrade, 22, all of Brockton, were released on $1,000 bail, according to the Enterprise News.

The 14-year-old will be to be arraigned this week in juvenile court. [source]

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