SSC: Ninja Shyt!

There is so much in the news that we could discuss on this day, but every now and then you just want to be distracted from the daily grind.  So fvck it!  Let’s just go all off daily topic and discuss some of the most badazz motherfvckers that ever walked the face of the fvcking Earth!  Ninjas!

And yes, we’re talking specifically about Ninja Shyt.  Serious!  Ninja.  Shyt. 

No not Ninja weapons, Ninja clothing lines, nor Ninja head dress.  Ninja Shyt!

Seriously, have you ever wondered how the masters of illusion handle one of the most basic needs of humanity?  How do they dispose of their excrement?  Do they Vulcan mind meld a Siberian Tiger and shyt in its mouth?  Do they find a suitable animal of similar size dong and intermix their ninjabootysnacks with that of the animal to possibly throw off any trackers?

What do Ninjas wipe with?  Do they do the two in a stream to get the instant bidet treatment from mother nature?

Do Ninjas ever get diarrhea?  And if they do, how is this situation handled?  Mid-fight is there a time out clause?  Has a Ninja ever missed an assassination attempt do to bowel issues? 

Its simple to say tha t Ninjas just dig a hole in the ground like everyone else, but that’s too simple for a Ninja!  Isn’t it?  To say otherwise would be to say that Ninjas eat Sonny’s Big Boy Breakfast meals before a fight and ride a Honda Elite 250cc Scooter to their weekly meetings before giving each other a throwing star nut chug.

So what are you thoughts when it comes to how Ninjas do what they do when they got to go number two?  This is Folk signing off!  See you fvckers in the comments!