100 inch wide hips….but hey..her man likes it right?

Mikel Ruffinelli, 39, a 420-pound woman with an eight-foot circumference, set the new world record for World’s Largest Hips, according to the World Record Academy.

The mother of four, of Los Angeles, Calif., stands at just five-foot-four, has a proportionally small 40-inch waist, and is completely content with her shape, the Daily Mail reported.


biga_azz“I see no reason to diet because I don’t have health problems,” Mikel said. “Men don’t fancy skinny girls, they like an hourglass figure.”  You’re not an hourglass, Madame….”

Ruffinelli’s husband, Reggie Brooks, and they have been married for 10 years. “She had a sweet disposition about her that really attracted me to her,” Brooks told Barcroft TV. “I like to tell people all the time, ‘I have a license to work with heavy equipment,’”  ( LOl… ok i’m not even mad at you for that, bruh… : daps : good come back…buuuuuut)

Still, Ruffinelli’s 100-inch wide hips makes everyday tasks difficult. According to the World Record Academy, the plus-size model must drive a truck and use a reinforced chair at home to accommodate her frame. She also struggles with fitting through door entrances and sleeps in a 7-foot-wide bed, Closer reported.

Ruffinelli first began gaining weight when she was 22, after having her first child.

“I put it down to my pregnancies,” she said. “I don’t see why else the weight would go to my hips, although, I do eat lots.” “Lots” includes nearly 3,000 calories a day.

“In the past, I was self-conscious about my hips,” Ruffinelli said. “As I got older, I learned to love my body and now I’m not afraid to show it off.” [source – Tons of pic here]


I suppose it’s easier to embrace ish than it is to do better about it.

SOrry but I don’t buy that shyt at ALL.  Whenever a fellow large person talks about how they are comfortable with being extra big-ass huge I just nod…. try not to purse my lips… then go about my business. But if they have an attitude about my reaction…. that is when I try to be nice and I generally let them know they should just move on with the conversation. Why? Because asking me my opinion on the subject will probably end with feelings hurt… or me getting stabbed in the face. So I hush.

I mean.. they are free to tell themselves that lame-ass lie if they want to. Whatever helps them feel good about themselves. Whatever helps them cope even.

Juuuust don’t ask ME to participate in your lie.

…cuz i’m not going to.

:: goes for a treadmill walk ::

This chick saying she has learned to be comfortable with her body??? Lie.   She can’t fit on any chair made with arms on it save for a sofa. Soooo yeah… whatever helps you sleep at night boo boo.  Do you.

You’re happy? I’m happy for ya.


Oh and before you get to lashing out at me with hurt-azz feelings.. stop… stop.. stop.  But if it makes you feel good.. go for it. I’m not going to be one to rain on your parade…..much..maybe a lil. Already got about 20 NO gifs at the ready lol


Thanks to Pavlovscat for the send in.

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