LNBS: Ride the Chocolate Tunnel b/c she loves da’Lord!

Celefvckingbrate motherfvcker motherfvckers!  Fvck her in the azz because she loves da’Lord!  Praise whitebabyjesusfreshoutofMary’sdrippingpunani!

Folk slowly slipping back up in this byotch to reclaim the throne of the nighty night time of ain’tshytness supreme! 

So sing with Folk motherfvckers!  Sing! You know what tyme it is!

Now Folk ain’t about playing with trains in brown sludge so if you love da’Lord and trying to keep that vajay tight, then Folk gotta bounce. But Folk will rub one off against some tiddays for in the name of the commasaycommasaw oh dela day doo da’Holy Spirit! Yes sir! Praise the mounds of salvation and salivation.

Who among you believe that this satisfies the principles set forth in the holy book? Any y’all practice this or been told this?

Do what you do when you do what you do in the motherfvcking comments! Nite Nite motherfvckers! :evil laughs: