SSC: Beltway Byotches-GOP Hill crack hos

DISCLAIMER: Folk on dat crack so remember Folks views are the delusions of a sick sick sick Folk without a computer or high speed internet.

The crack ho. A bastion of society. A chracture of American culture. The inner city bridge troll. The very essence of the rock fvcking bottom.

Sucks disease ridden daycks, eats puss riddled punani, rolls in human feces, or almost anything just for 20,10, or $5.00. All for a chance to get to the ho’s main love – that crack rock.

Enter the modern political GOP hills crack ho. Willing to lambast women and their vaginas, mock the LGBT community, take food from the mouths of the poor, spit into the wounds of the elderly, ridicule the deaths of countless dead innocence, or almost anything just for continued campaign contributions from fringe extremes, corporate funds – basically older rich white males. All for a chance to get the ho’s main love – that reelection money.

Current politics exposes that money does indeed control political power and create willing political puppets. It’s shameful. Recent events have made it almost painful to watch. Folk feels so bad for the House Speaker. Because you can see in his eyes that his soul is crying for help as he takes another donation dayck in his mouth to proclaim how good it is to the world!

You got these younger ho’s yelling how they aren’t addicted but they are really doing it because they love and believe in what they do. We look on as another tooth falls from their mouth as they say they didn’t need that tooth anyway. Still beautiful they believe.

Folk watched the entire hearing of Secretary of State Hillary Clinton. And let Folk tell you, if you haven’t seen crack hos in action or professional a$$ kissers open mouth tongue an anus? You could have seen ’em both on display for hours!

And it is a sad sight. Politics is not new. The political rumble is not new. Neither are drugs a recent phenomenon. Nor is drug abuse a new nomenclature. But the exposion of the extremes that manmade chemically altered drugs are indeed recent and brings with it the crack ho.

Like money in politics, it’s no longer just the dillusion and addiction to political power it is the money that has infused a modern twist that has given us the modern day political extremist that is nothing more that the puppet with a hand up their a$$ which holds a fist full of cash.

And we get to witness the sad implosion of a political party as it fights to look in the mirror and proclaim how pretty they are while getting a new tatto that reads whyte dayck with money to spend only in the “tramp stamp” location and smoking dat rock.

Damned. What a sight! Guess Hillary would have been dismissed without question because she’s just another woman who can’t read 1.5 million reports a year and vaginal ultrasound would be required to get your drivers license.

Tell us what you think about the GOP?