No Means No, Dude

I’ll always loved this tune — but every now and then (especially if you haven’t seen this video in a while) you kind of realize that if anyone other than Michael were to try this approach on a woman on a city street corner in the middle of the night all you’d really end up with is a mouthful of mace and a restraining order.



That being said, I used to try to step to girls back in the day with the “You knock me off of my feet now baby, HOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!” line just because it was sort of ridiculous to hear it from a dude who looks like me. It got laughs and occasionally digits — so it can’t be all bad, right?


What are some of the craziest pick-up tricks you’ve ever tried?


Hex is about as wrong as two left feet and there is nothing right about him. Every time we yell at Hex, his rebuttal is always that we are doing so simply because he is Black....yeah..think about that.



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