MENTAL ILLNESS IS REAL! This heffa eats cat her cat.


eff_is_this_catIt was inevitable that Lisa would one day end up on the Internet, with her unique spin on what it means to be a crazy cat lady. She is like light to the dark of that Hoarders subject who kept her dead cats in the fridge. Lisa eats cat hair. She finds it all over her apartment, which must be as wonderful and fuzzy as finding chewed gum all over your apartment if you are a regular person who doesn’t eat cat hair. She prefers it from the source, though: “The best ones are right off the cat,” she explains. Freshness is key, obviously.

Lisa has been made to talk all about her taste for cat hair by being profiled by TLC’s My Strange Addiction, the apotheosis of that channel’s lighter-side-of-freakishness programming ethic. Lisa describes the “comforting feeling” of chewing on cat hair and while she says that stroking her cat with her tongue is a bonding experience, she and her cat aren’t going all the way — Lisa explains, “I’m not lickin’ her butt.” Yet. [source]

D-did that bonus-size bytchjust bundle up a clump of cat hair and eat it!!??!!! DID SHE!!!??? SHE DID didn’t she!!! SHE DIIIID!! Ooooh My Godddddddddddd!!!!! ewwwwwwwwwwwwwwww thatbytchateaclump ewwwwwwwwwwwwwww!!! :; dancing with disgust ::  HOW does this happen!!! How!!!!  Goddddddd WHERE ARE YOU!!!???

Apparently there are a lot of carbs in cat-coif clumps.


I looooove my cat. I loooooove lil Miss Pinky Pie SLausy SLaus but bytch please… I get mad when i find her hair on MY CLOTHES let alone in my mouth!!!??? NO!!!!

This heffa is gonna shyt Tribbles. NO!!!!


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