The Men’s Roundtable: Must Love Dogs

Once again this week was painfully void of letters and situations, (because you know — all relationships are perfect and no one has problems anymore, amirite?), which leaves  the merry pranksters of the Men’s Roundtable to their own devices when coming up with discussions and exchanges of intellectual merit.

And not to rat out my boys or anything — but ladies, you need to come get your fellas.

Case in point:

In the hopes of stating up a conversation worthy of pre-valentines sighs and happiness, I asked the group what kinds of little things they loved it when their ladies did — those little private quirks and habits that nobody else might even notice — like the way she tucks her hair behind her ear, the way she eats her cereal, or that little hitch in her laughter when she really finds something funny?

You know, those beautiful things outside of the bedroom that remind you she’s a woman, and you’re lucky ass lucky to be graced with her time and presence?


Discussion thread looking like Charlie Brown’s Christmas tree.

Comments so skinny, they have to run around in the shower to get wet.



Then I posted this, and they’re STILL talking about it.





Someone needs to send in a gat dayum letter.



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