Someone please escort Chris Brown out of 2013. ALREADY.

I’m so sick of Chris Brown.


This was the last time I really loved Chris Brown:

So much promise.

So much talent.

Now he’s walkin’ around lookin’ like a banana-skinned David Ruffin.


The boy is only 23.

Additionally, anyone who sings “Don’t Judge Me” means that he doing fugged up shiat. OFTEN.

Remember when he beat Rhianna’s face off and had to do community service? Well, now he’s being investigated for faking it.

Oh, and remember that fight he had with Frank Ocean? Yeah, it’s widely being reported that he started the fight and called him all kinda F-words. Which wouldn’t be far-fetched since he’s been known to publicly act homophobic.

Okay, well let’s address all the Chris Brown apologists firstly:

– “He’s just a kid”

Ma’am, he’s 23 years old. He’s been acting like this for years and doesn’t appear to be slowing down. Super Immature. Actually, the fact that people apologize for him and write off his behavior because of his age EMPOWERS him to keep acting up. Why change when you’re going to get excused anyway?

– “He’s dark skinned in a lightskinned boy’s body”

I saw this on Twitter. Bye.

– “The world is against him”

The world loves a failure story. But they also love a come back story. Chris has always maintained that he’s never treated fairly. YET HE KEEPS FUGGIN UP. And keeps saying life ain’t fair. But if you keep fuggin’ up…WDF?
Look, I watched the boy on Twitter and he has a pattern – he wiles out, deletes his twitter, then creeps back on to it as if nothing happened. And wiles out again…lather, rinse, repeat.

While his mama then gets on Twitter and shouts nonsensical stuff like “MICHAEL JACKSON DIED SO CHRIS BROWN CAN LIVE!”

Yes, she said that.

So bottom line – he is clearly surrounded by yes-men and women and unfortunately no one to grab him by his collar and get him the help he needs. So he keeps fuggin errybody (Rhianna, Katfish – whatever she’s called), fuggin up his life and crying about how mean the world is to him.

LET CHRIS BROWN LIVE by NOT LETTING HIM GET AWAY with his madness anymore.

Fans gotta start holding him accountable – because seriously? He’s losing it, and mainly because no one cares enough to tell him “CHILL!”.