Would Have Been Someone’s Birthday Today

Born on this day in 1945, Nesta Robert Marley would have been 68 years old today. A true cultural icon, it’s rare to find people who don’t know Bob Marley’s face or music. One of the most revered Jamaican musical stars, Marley is given much of the credit for the popularization of reggae and roots music to the world.

bob-marley-happyA man of fierce faith and heritage, Marley’s songs focused on a variety of social issues as well the tenents of the Rastafari movement. He spoke his mind on issues of the day and frequently championed the efforts of revolutionaries like the Black Panthers and Che Guevara.

And while his likeness and image has come to mean many things over the years as a result of seemingly unrelenting marketing and merchandising — and the almost comical championing of his love of marijuana above any of the other more remarkable things the man was about (something I’ve written about many times in the past), the one thing that can never really be stolen from Marley is the effect his music has on people.

Take a moment and enjoy.

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  • Chitown Sista

    I love Marley’s happy songs. Is this love, three little birds, and sun is shining is on rotation on my playlist.