SSC: Negro Wall Street – Teaching Dogs to be a Cat!

Black History Month yo! And it amazes Folk how the history of colored Folk is glossed over with the passing with vanilla cream sugar sauce. Toned down. Tiny details removed. All to kinda not wanting to incite the emotions of our citizens of deeds long passed. Folk considers that a fvcking problem that European history in America is glorified as the coming of modernization and all other history is glossed over as a passing episode of marginal time.

The Holocaust was horrible. But does that make the atrocities of slavery, Native American genocide, the prison encampments of the Asians, or other American historical mass murders any less horrific? Oh, right… Most of these other “incidents” were in response to Folk’s Caucasian Cousin’s fear.

Fear. The cause for many atrocities against minorities over the ages. Ignorance ranks up there as well, but fear is the leading cause of the death and destruction.  Fear that Negros were out to rape and destroy the “pureness” of white women ranks up there at the number 2 spot behind the loss of accumulated wealth and power to minorities.

It was this fear of white female purity that sparked the destruction of the famous Negro Wall Street in Tulsa Oklahoma almost a hundred years ago.  That’s right people, blacks had accumulated wealth to the point of having a financial district of importance on the national financial stage.  Home to several “black” millionaires…  yeah, think on that for a second. In the early 1900’s, during the days of Jim Crow, the KKK, segregation, and all the other obsticles faced by blacks…  millionaires.  Professional blacks that were leaders in their trades and industries.  Inventors.  Lawyers.  Doctors.  Business professionals.   Many of whom were world renowned, like physician Dr. A.C. Jackson, who was considered the “most able Negro surgeon in America” by one of the Mayo brothers.

Of course didn’t sit well with some of the kind white folk.  And enter 17-year old Sarah Page.  A fine white woman elevator operator who was “assaulted” by a Negro shoe shiner.  A 19-year old Dick Rowland apparently tripped upon entering the elevator and came in contact with the worker causing extreme mental and physical harm to the young kind woman.

In the past, people of color were not allowed to look upon Caucasian women let alone touch them.  Now we have this uppity lil porch monkey that thinks he can touch one of these pure women of valor without recourse.  A lynch mob was ordered and things kinda got out of hand.

Greenwood, the official name of the Negro Wall Street area, was destroyed.  White mobs killed many men, women, and children via gunshot, lynching, or fire.  The entire district was set ablaze.  Wiki has this to say about the incident.

“Whites flooded into the Greenwood district and destroyed the businesses and homes of African American residents. No one was exempt from the violence of the white mobs; men, women, and even children were killed by the mobs.

Troops were eventually deployed on the afternoon of June 1, but by that time there was not much left of the once thriving Greenwood district. Over 600 successful businesses were lost. Among these were 21 churches, 21 restaurants, 30 grocery stores and two movie theaters, plus a hospital, a bank, a post office, libraries, schools, law offices, a half-dozen private airplanes and even a bus system. Note—It was a time when the entire state of Oklahoma had only two airports, yet six blacks owned their own planes.

It was suspected by many blacks that the entire thing was planned because many white men, women and children stood on the borders of the city and watched as blacks were shot, burned and lynched. In addition, some of the black-owned airplanes were stolen by the white mob and used to throw cocktail bombs & dynamite sticks from the sky. Property damage totaled $1.5 million (1921). Although the official death toll claimed that 26 blacks and 13 whites died during the fighting, most estimates are considerably higher. At the time of the riot, the American Red Cross estimated that over 300 persons were killed. The Red Cross also listed 8,624 persons in need of assistance, in excess of 1,000 homes and businesses destroyed, and the delivery of several stillborn infants.

It should be noted that a court exonerated Mr. Rowland of the accusations of aggravated assault of Ms. Page, cleared of all charges.

As a once resident of the city of Tulsa, this important part of our history, our truth, is slowly being left behind.  As a child of the south, Folk knows that the reality of the strength of our ancestors and the rich heritage of our country is systematically being left behind for the advantage of one class over the encouragement of another.

It doesn’t matter that our President who exemplifies how minorities are viewed in this country, for even his ancestry has been systematically erased in front of his own eyes as a result of ignorance on both sides of the fence. 

President Obama is the first openly known and accepted “Bi-racial” President of the United States.  He is no more black than he is white.  He is a product of his entire history and ancestral lineage.  But because we live in a society where the one drop rule still reigns, even the most powerful man in the world must succumb to the ideologies of a racial past that has stigmatized a nation into believing that a gene pool is diluted and a white woman is less valuable if her genes carry just 1 drop of blood from a person of color.

Guess we haven’t progressed much further than the days of Greenwood when the entire gene pool of the President is erased from the eyes of the public in a modern day verbal lynching of truth.