Lil’ Wayne disrespects the legacy of Emmett Till — and people are outraged.

…but why?

why, now?

As you probably know, Emmett Till’s gruesome murder is acknowledged by many as galvanizing the Civil Rights movement in the late 50’s and 60’s as we know it to be today.


If you haven’t heard, Lil Wayne and Future (whoever the fugg that is) have a song out called “Karate Chop”, where he utters this line:

“….beat that pu**y like Emmett Till..”

Yeah, real disrespectful but..

It’s Lil’ Wayne.

Not a pillar of the community.

Word is that Emmett Till’s family is not pleased. Why would they be?

Yes, Lil’ Wayne is the worst type of coon, only concerned about making money and not concerned in the least how his actions and words affect children — as most celebrities claim, “they are not role models” while ignoring the wide-reaching impact they make on young kids and teens. YES, even those who have parental guidance.

This isn’t the first time Lil’ Wayne has been disrespectful all for the benefit of a rhyme in his music. My concern is – why are we picking and choosing where the line is crossed?

It’s not a problem when he talks about attacking a v**gina with gusto of a young, faceless girl but if he said he’ll release his “monster” like say…a caged bird on Maya Angelou’s face it’s all of a sudden a problem?

Shame on Lil’ Wayne for invoking Emmett Till’s name as if it means absolutely nothing but shame on us for not holding Lil’ Wayne and people like him accountable.

I understand that it is human nature to turn a blind eye to things that do not affect us personally, but come on…. this is an ultimate example of picking and choosing, and I’m not a fan of random outrage.

Are we – is Till’s family – being too sensitive?