LNBS: OPEN THREAD – It’s that day Folk loathes! The VD trap.



Youmad FolkFor some of you poor souls it is the only the one few times of the year that your significant other will confess their love or even appear that they care in the name of L.O.V.E.


For many of you ladies, it is the office or school competition of who’s significant other loves them the most by the size of the teddy or the flowers.

For the single people who embrace their individualism, it is the day you’re made to feel like a fvcking social reject because you can’t participate in this “special” day for lovers!

Well fvck ’em all! Folk diarreah shyts on all of ’em. [pulls pants back up]

Now then. On to the LNBS because Folk got to work late YouTube video for all you VD people out there.

…and now a poem for the lovers in the house.

Folk dated this psychopath and stalker that would skip their own class just to watch Folk through the window in Folk’s class. She was scary!!!! Folk dated her for a total of four months. 3.75 of those months were spent trying to figure out how to get da fvck rid of ol’crazy azz stalker chick without being on the wrong end of a dinner knife.
Youmad Folk
OPEN THREAD: Discuss your valentine day horror stories, relationships gone wrong, stalkers, psychopaths, lies you’ve told to get out of relationships or the worst thing that you had to endure in a forced relationship.