Dear Onion, I love ya buuut you aren’t gonna get away with calling a 9 yr old girl a c*nt.


angry_aniNope. Noooooope sorry, Onion. As much as I ride for comedic freedom and as much as despise ‘black twitter’ most days with a Y in it, I can’t even defend ya on this one. Nor do I want to . Because you were wrong ass wrong.  But what’s worse is that I can’t ride against you for the simple fact it would make me a raging hypocrite since i’ve been down with you for almost 20 years of your offensive shenanigans and effary. Would be reallly janky for me to pick and choose  what effary i’m gonna be offended by when I endorse all of your other ish. But you don’t have to worry about me… You have to worry about Black twitter.

Black Twitter is out for Blood and they will enlist the help of every red blooded female who despises the use of such words which regard a woman as nothing more than a ham-wallet.  And in case you didn’t know? Black twitter and angry women as a group? No-win situation, baby. No-win.


I mean.. there is nooooo walking this one back. You can’t really explain or spin how it’s funny to refer to a kid as a ‘cunt’. It’s just not possible. That’s like trying to spin calling a Black person a n*gger with the HARD er sound….cept…10 times worse.


I would hate to be the Onion’s Social media manager today.  Buuuut since there is defintely going to be an opening for the position, feel free to peep my resume, Onion.



——–::Updated ::——— and if you are really offended by what the onion said and you want to let them know that… their contact info can be found here:

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