LNBS: “Why White Women always get’n in danger?”-Black History Hero Montage

Fvck Storm!

It’s Black History Month byotches and LNBS is about to get that fvcking reboot in March! In honor of the fvcking reboot, some Black History bullshyt!

Folk used to love Black Vulcan! But how many choices did Folk have? You had Amazing Man, War Machine, Tempest, Black Panther, and of course Storm. You had a few others here and there.

Who was your favorite super hero of color from back in the day? And what big budget Hollywood film would you like produced featuring a super hero of color to join the League of Justice, the Avengers (Nick Fury doesn’t count), or X-Men? Or just rant on the lack of opportunities for minority super heroes in mainstream movies! Nite Nite!