All About That Cheese

Let’s play a game, shall we?

As you know in the modern era, a lot of times when you meet new people, especially those of the opposite sex that you might encounter in the club or online — and they contact you for the first time on your phone, they get assigned nicknames that make them ..easier to remember. 

But sometimes when you meet that special lady it’s not so easy to just encapsulate the unique um, how you say..  je ne sais quoi that she brings to the table off the top of your head.

So with that in mind, see if you can take a moment and provide some possible cell-phone nicknames for this lady, who is trying extra, extra (lawwwwd, extra) hard to make an impression.





But before all ya’ll start hating and cracking jokes, just know that there’s a soulmate out there for everybody. Which is why I’m really hoping this guy has her number.




Hex is about as wrong as two left feet and there is nothing right about him. Every time we yell at Hex, his rebuttal is always that we are doing so simply because he is Black....yeah..think about that.



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I dunno what i'm putting here yet. It'll be something ignorant though.
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