Straight Outta Craigslist – Shoulda Missed That Connection (bsfw)

Audition-1999-Ryo-Ishibashi-Eihi-ShiinaNew York is a tough town. Things happen fast there. Millions of people fighting to hit the big time and sit atop that apple.  Big business, high finance, the hot stage lights — all shards of light seeking to be the one that people see first.It’s an easy place to meet people. But it’s a hard place to make a real connection.  
Then again, maybe that’s any town. Regardless of how big, or how much it does or doesn’t sleep. So maybe one night at work you see someone who catches your eye. Maybe the image and the game are reminders of other things you like. Maybe there’s a picture in your mind of a place you think you’d like to be, and for whatever reason it happens to look a lot like this charming stranger at table 6.
..Or maybe not. 

Posted: 2013-03-04, 8:38PM EST

Cocktail waitress seeks Banker I gave head to – w4m – 32 (Manhattan)

I was your cocktail waitress 3 weeks ago at the nice lounge you were at. You were there last Wednesday night with your friends/clients from work. You said you worked for Goldman, but you might have just said whatever. I mean, what does a dumb bitch like me know, right? You flirted with me and asked me what I did other than work here and I told you I’m in acting school. You were really hot in that asshole lacrosse kinda way with your blonde hair and broad shoulders, maybe 26 years old? You followed me to the bathroom, squeezed my ass, grabbed my tits, and pushed my head down.. I got on my knees and sucked your cock. I didn’t know what else to do. Then you blew a load on my face (thanks a lot btw..) and stuck a $100 bill on it. You walked out without saying anything, when I straightened up and came out your table already settled. I’m just shocked about the whole thing, and want to talk. I will email you my pic for proof.
  • Location: Manhattan
  • it’s NOT ok to contact this poster with services or other commercial interests

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Posted: 2013-03-04, 8:38PM EST


As the guy who compiles the Men’s Roundtable posts, the one who tries to make them something worth reading only to watch them catch fire seconds after they’re posted, I don’t think I’m breaking any big news when I say that we like to talk our share of ish around here. Offhand attitudes can look a lot worse when they’re written down, and when someone tries to present all sides of a story it’s amazing how one or two sentences that maybe suggest an ulterior motive can get someone jumped on. But more than that — sometimes there are just different ways to look at things. Different ways to interpret circumstances.

Jokes are jokes, and fun is fun — but here’s the joke world, and there’s the real world, and if this is really what it’s like out there, then dayum. 


Some guy out there, probably the same kind of guy who smiled and cashed in while the mortgage market sank like a boat pulled this crap. But more than that — he just left the scene. Walked off like it was nothing. Just another day. Put all the thought process on someone else to try to figure out how one thing became such another.

Nooooot cool.

And yet.

Honey.  Honey. 

What exactly are you wanting to talk to him about, short of letting him have a conversation with your foot up his ass? Because I gotta tell you, there’s no one here who would gonna stop you from calling the linebacking core of the Giants and letting them go medieval on this guy.  But if you’re really wanting that conversation — what would you even say?


Or perhaps better stated, what the hell kind of message are you expecting from this banker douchebag that he didn’t already pretty much ..tell you that first time around?

See, fellas. This is the problem. Yeah you’ve got some dinosaur thoughts. You don’t always put the seat down when you should, and there are times when you could at least pause the video game and listen. But by and large you’re not this asshole. 

But when things like this happen, a lot of ladies will probably wonder why should they even bother to try and figure out the difference?

Because somebody’s gonna say something about that dress. And somebody’s gonna say something about her rack. Because what.. those things make a difference in a case like this, or any case at all?


Yeah she went back there. Yeah she went down there. Adults feeling a certain kind of way sometimes do things like that. Who among us can ever claim we always make the right call, especially when hormones and interest are flying around.

But dude, she didn’t ask for that.


What’s she’s asking for now is to talk. But if you were her, what would you say?



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