It’s crazy how far the graphics in games have come …

It’s no secret that I’m quite the nerdy-azz nerd and gamer, right? I mean, I have never once eluded to or insinuated that I was ever one of the cool kids round these parts and I’m not about to lie to you today and tell you such a thing. Nope. I’m an anime nerd, a fantasy dungeons n dragons loving nerd and most of all a gaming nerd and proud of it.

Last week the gaming world was elated to see the reboot of the classic adventure-puzzel game, Tomb Raider, and as much as we loathe the remake-azz remakes of Hollywood, sometimes a reboot of a beloved franchise can go just exceptionally. Such is the case with Tomb Raider.  But one of the most interesting aspects that came about whilst gamers waxed poetic about the adventures (and boobs) of Lara Croft, a more technical comparison was made as to the visuals of the old game in comparison to the new- and the say the difference is starling would be an understatement.

Look at Tomb Raider then…. and Now. 1997..vs 2013.


On a technical level, the leaps and bounds we have made in the visuals of video games over the past 15-30 years is simply amazing when you take the time of looking at them side by side. Which is exactly what I have done….and sharing with you.  So take a stroll down gaming memory lane as we look at how games looked then…. and how they look and play now.

footballOn the left you have the hand-held video gaming of yesterday in comparison to Madden 2013 of today. Dude, there is more detail in 5 pixels of Madden 2013 than there is in what used to be an example of modern gaming technology. Daaaaamn, son. I remember when I was in best buy and saw Madden up on a large lcd screen as I was walking by and I thought:..I didn’t know the Saints were even PLAYING today. They weren’t….. it was the damn game. I didn’t notice it wasn’t real until I watched it in detail…and was floored.

Wow.  But let’s take a look at a few others.


How about this little gem…

The Final Fantasy RPG series then?



Final Fantasy today… wow.


The Legend of Zelda then…



Daaaaamn remember this??? That is the Zelda YOU used to play and THIS is the Zelda they play today…


Want a real shock to your system? Remember Pitfall for the Atari 2600? Pitfall defined the adventure Genre in it’s day.


But take a look at the series: Uncharted, which many argue, defines the adventure genre today…. crazy.



Grand Theft Auto then…

gta1Grand Theft Auto today…




Metroid then…

metroid-startMetroid now….

Metroid Other M 102



and who could forget the awesomeness that was Castlevania! Well this is Castlevania then…



and Castlevania now…



But not only have the appearance of Video games changed, but HOW we play them has come leaps and booooooounds from the days of old.  Hell, we went from using joysticks….to straight-up having our bodies scanned as we now dance along to the shyt… exercise.. fight…

and with the next generation of consoles making their debut in 2013… it’ll be interesting to see where they take it next.




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