Dear Japan, Vagina bread? Seriously?No.

You knooooow… Japan would stop being known as the WTF capital of the world as soon as they stop making us always yell: WTF.

and it seems.. that’s not about to happen right now.

You can call these what you want but… world on the streetz(internet) they’re being called the Coochie cakes




The bread is pink. That’s the color of cherry blossoms, and thus, spring in Japan. And the wrapper says the snack is “shaped like cherry blossoms.” Seems innocuous enough, right?

But take off the wrapper. Because, as pointed out online in Japan, this doesn’t look like cherry blossoms. It does look like vaginas.


The bread is a collaboration between virtual idol Hatsune Miku and one of Japan’s biggest convenience store chains, Family Mart.

On the wrapper, you can see the words “Sakura no Ame” (???), or “Cherry Blossom Rain”, which is a Hatsune MikuĀ song. But online in Japan, this cherry blossom-shaped strawberry cream bread is being dubbed “obscene”.


“Holy crap,” wrote one commenter onĀ 2ch, Japan’s largest bulletin board. “This is way too graphic,” added another, while yet another added, “This will probably be banned.” One commenter even wondered if this snack was a prank. [from Kotaku]


I don’t know whether to throw it away or get it a sanitary napkin.



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