How’s the Weather in Houston?

sweet-brown-thumb-400xauto-33829Living in Florida as I do, you eventually get used to the fact that if something marginally news-worthy happens that local TV producers will always try to jazz up their reporting on it by finding the most redneck/hoodrat/stoner local eyewitness they can in order to slob the whole thing over with the kind of local flavor that keeps the rest of the country shaking their head at how stupid this state continues to look on TV.

But we’re not alone.


Finding crazypants bystanders (while certainly not anything new in local news) has sort of become a cottage industry of it’s own lately, especially when you add YouTube into the equation. All the Sweet Browns and Hide Your Kids Hide Your Wife guys would really just be flashes in the pan if it weren’t for the Internet — so it’s no surprise that these sorts of clip are starting to show up everywhere.

That’s not to say that I think this woman is faking her.. feelings about the recent hailstorm that hit Houston, but that this sort of act seems awfully familiar somehow.

I don’t know — if I was her agent I would be like, “That’s good, but can you think of another ending? The kids these days are looking for something hip, you know — something they can identify with, that speaks to their interests! Maybe come back when you have something we can sell to a major studio.  NEXT!”




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