realbeauty-600x337Recently I posted about a unique marketing campaign the Dove soap company was working on, challenging women to examine their own self-image versus the way that other people saw them.

Knowing that many times people can be their own worst critic, and that having negative view of your inner beauty can be a hindrance to living your life to it’s fullest potential — Dove hired a former forensics artist to make two drawings of several women. One based on their own descriptions, and a second based off the details provided by someone who had only just met them.

The differences were striking.

The ad campaign isn’t without it’s critics — several people have made mention of the campaign’s apparent message that a womans worth is only expressed through her physical beauty, or that the ad campaign seems to be aimed only at a specific demographic — but the one criticism that we hadn’t heard is the one you might not have initially expected.

dove-real-beauty-campaign-tells-men-your-balls-ar-1-14340-1367344379-12_bigWhat about the men?

What about our own negative feelings about our beauty? Don’t men deserve help realizing their own self-worth? Even in a world where men generally seem to have more opportunities and privilege than their female counterparts, shouldn’t our hurt feelings also be addressed?

Well finally someone decided to answer that question, and the results are — pretty powerful.

Oh Internet, don’t ever change.