SSC: How Folk sees America

there’s a southern gentleman that lives in the south. fine looking speciman in his late 60’s or early 70’s with a beautiful MILF as a wife. when she smiles the clouds part and rays of life pours forth. they were high school sweethearts and married shortly after they graduated from college. he’s a retired doctor and she’s a dedicated social butterfly.

the community is just in love with her and he’s well respected. they have three children together. two boyz and a girl. of course the children are successful and their children have had children, who themselves are model idolized kids that everyone wants to emulate.

…and then there is the dog riley that is as devoted as any dog could be.

this patriarch name is richard. richard now spends most of his time smiling and waving at those who pass from his rocking chair on his porch that is attached to his home that he owns. a plantation style southern gem on 40 acres just outside of town. a nice retirement package comes monthly to supplement the nest egg they have stored across several accounts in their friend’s town bank.

richard is the picture of the facade that is played out for all of us to follow. but richard is just that, a facade.

see richard hasn’t always been faithful to betty. richard has some children that live on the other side of the town that richard doesn’t talk about and his kids doesn’t know about. betty knows but plays the role as if nothing ever happen. not only has richard been poking around with susan, michael’s lovely bride, but viola freeman and roselleta sanchez. to them and his offspring outside of his fairytale life, richard is known as dick.

richard also is uncomfortable around those of different skin tones, but richard hides his uneasiness well. richard’s nervousness comes from both his knowledge of his unfaithful relationships and the fact that richard believes that he is superiour in every way to these people that he must endure but has been placed on in his world for his benefit and use.

that house that richard lives in, is on the property that was passed down by his great grandfather william. william came into the land during the allocation of property to those who assisted with the genocide of native americans in the area to pave the way for american populization. and yes, dick, Folk means, richard knows this.

but these are the realities of dicks life and these are not the things that keep dick up at night. no its not the secret addiction dick has with younger women or “exotic” women, as richard likes to call ’em. no, its these two facts that has richard up in a tissy and worried about the future.

richard’s city has become a popular destination for hispanic families to move to. see richard and his friends are some stingy fvcks and many of the landscaping, house repair work, field laborers, and construction workers are hispanic non-official underpaid positions to keep costs low.

the second and most troubling that has richard scratching his anal cavity with a switch blade is richard’s grandchildren’s relationships with these ‘lesser’ classed individuals.

so even though richard’s life is one that is dreamed of by many, no one wants to be dick nor really likes dick. lately dick has been loosing a grip and it has dick down, grumpy, and moody.

in short dick has become the town’s character that is loathed but loved, because the town wouldn’t be the town that we’ve all become to know and love without dick and the hand that prior ancestrial dicks have played in the shaping of richardsville (or as neighboring towns like to call dicksville).

we love dick and we’ve become dicks because we’ve embraced the dickology of the dicks that have run and help create this dickmocracy that we live. so we turn a blind eye to dick because we know that dick’s day is coming where dick will be no more. dick fears the dickless day and have yet to embrace a world without dick.

and when the day comes when dick goes into that dark dusty tunnel we will be both elated and sad to see dick go. bt dick ain’t going anywhere anytime soon. right dick?