SSC: fvck the diversion known as mothers day

its mothers day and Folk don’t really give a shyt. just some additional bullshyt distraction where americans once again retreat into some fvcked up fairly land as if the ills of the world are solved through some bullshyt trinket gift that children are psychologically coerced into purchasing or creating just to avoid some thermonuclear social backlash from family and friends.

what? you didn’t do nothing for you moms for mothers day? how cruel are you? it doesn’t matter she’s a douche-bag that watched secretly as your dad’s brother molested you! you should at least called to say hi because she brought you into this world. bullshyt! utter bullshyt!

how have REAL mothers allowed the capitalist put another emotional yoke upon your necks to sustain the supremacy of daycks and bawlz is beyond Folk!

how dare we celebrate? how dare we care? how dare we give one fvcking d@mned when we don’t care for ourselves? millions upon millions will be, has been, spent to give praise upon mothers when WE fail them EVERYFVCKINGDAY as a society.

there’s no cure for breast cancer, and wake up people will never be. sure we will continue to expand treatment beyond chopping yo’shyts off that you betta not expose in public, but there will NOT be a cure.

there’s no war against the ridiculous outrageous absolutely preposterous absurd capitalistic mental assault on women’s self image. skinny azz  photo shopped unnatural perfection byotches that has twisted the minds and creating a world of men and women, whom in other situations whom would be condemned to insane asylums for their delusions.

there’s no war against domestic or female violence, and wake up women there will never be. the men in power and with money don’t give a d@mned and as long as the younger female offspring continue to reduce the price of punani for minimum exchanges of shinny insignificant trinkets your cries for help and assistance from the emotional and physical abuse in america will continue to go unheard.

there’s no relief in sight for your feminist / independence movement that has been turned on its head and repackaged as your shackle to not only be equal, but to be better and do more with less while still bearing the burden of continued population growth and often left with the burden of raising that population afvckinglone. thus independent but still contributing to the overall slopfestbawlzfilled bucket.

it is about time in america we realize that it is fvcking mothers day everyfvcking day and not just in america but around the world 23 hrs 56 mins, 52.1775 wks, 365.256366 days a motherfvcking fvcking fvcked up day on this byotch. and Folk means “motherfvcking” in the most respectful way possible.

we live in a testosterone laden world where we have accepted that a few days of the year we can spray perfume upon the excessive shyt taken in the streets against not only females of the world in the worst of ways but each fvcking other.

so when you’re celebrating mothers day today (if your moms worth the effort to acknowledge), ask yourself and your neighbors are you humane enough to give a shyt the other 364.256366 days of the year of womens rights world wide?

but Folk its just me, how can lil ol’me affect the world?

you don’t byotch! (and Folk means byotch in the most respectful way) you ain’t no superhuman, deity, or member of the religious tribunal (no offense Jesus). just stop allowing the world to control and affect you. wake the fvck up and when you have your eyes wide shut mothers day will become more than a trinket or a card and will become the relationship that emotionally and psychologically strengthens the spirit of you and whomever you pay respects to as your mom.

only then will we see the world movement that brings about a positive change that puts REAL mothers on the pedestal of humanity, equal in every way to men as they were designed and created to be. we’ll see our society heal and we can walk free in the street free from the male dominated tenants that binds the souls and self worth of women world wide to believe they are not inherently spiritually and physically beautiful as they are. and also keeps boobs covered. lord only knows boobs should be set free and not the repressed demonized and sexualized parts they have been stereotyped as in america.

happy mothers day people. eveR6@y.  all y’all.  regardless of size or shape.  you’re beautiful and you don’t have to be a mother to be a mother.