I encourage White People to say the N-Word

…please! Say it to your heart’s content.

In fact, go into a major metropolitan area and scream it, it is a free country and all, right?

*finger on ear a’la Jon Stewart* wait.. I’m getting some news here...




An unidentified man was hospitalized with a massive head injury Friday following an apparent bias-fueled attack in the West Village, witnesses and officials said.

Witnesses on Greenwich Ave. near W. 12th St. said the white man — who cops said is in his 30s — was belting back beers outside Benny’s Burritos about 5:30 p.m. when he began mouthing off to a black customer in the outdoor seating area.

“You n—–s are why I lost my job,” witnesses overheard the man say.

Outraged, the black man punched the bigoted boozer, sending him reeling backward onto the rain-slick sidewalk.

OH. Well….. *cough*

The man’s head cracked open on the concrete, said one witness who did not want to be named.

“He was lying on his back unconscious with his arms and legs spread out,” said the witness, who described the man as “well-dressed.”

“His eyes were rolled back in his head.”

As Slaus says…

Freedom of Speech does not mean Freedom from Consequences.

OHNawlians, feel free to share this story with your favorite incredulous white friend who just CANNOT figure out why there’s a problem with him saying the N-word.

As I (Ambz) say..

Come on Cletus….