SSC: Impressionable positive life changing moments

It’s the eve of Folk’s deceased grandmother folks day of birth. So Folk a lil somber in this byotch and shyt lately just been taking Folk a drain of misery.

Too often we dwell on negative shyt! Folk knows the older Folk gets the more Folk has to fight the urge to randomly bazooka motherfvckers who just look like their itching to be on some ol’bullshyt with candied sprinkles on top.

Folk just going through a fvcking cranking azz cranky time right now. Mind, body, soul out of sync. Future is blurry and azz just twitches from that burreto the other day.

Hell Folk knows Folk could be better. Folk could have a fvcking better attitude about shyt (nah fvck that, politicians can still suk dez nutz)! The biggest thing Folk struggles with is taking on the weight of other motherfvckers as Folk’s own and use that weight to further destroy Folk’s own self image because somehow they shyt has become Folk’s shyt. Got to stop that shyt!

Folk struggles with a lot of things. Self Image is the biggest. Self doubt is paramount in there as well. Folk, believe it or not, lives in a somewhat state of perpetual delusion. Folk has never been the same since the loss of lil Folk, so fvck life! Folk struggles with communication and self expression.

Every one of you fvckers have a moment that shines through the shyt of life soooooo fvcking bright that no matter how long ago that shyt hit you it still gives you a reason to move forward, strength to dig deeper, the will to hold tighter with bloodied hands, the courage to stand on broken legs if just to show courage in face of immeasurable protagonist circumstances.

Folk has a moment in Folk’s life that shines in the motherfvcking darkness like a white woman’s spit polished punani spread on alter of the temple mound of Jerusalem on Jesus’ birth day! Folk had someone look right through Folk’s tortured soul. A long time friend stated simply “You have to love yourself because I love you.”

::pause:: yeah, that’s some powerful shyt right there.

To this day, that just makes Folk pause. look around. and take in for just a second the beauty of life despite the hell we live. Because people we have to be real here for a moment. This life is hell. Shyt happens sometimes for just no fvcking reason than just to fvck with ya.

It isn’t because you haven’t paid some parity of your earning to a person who claims to be the mouth piece of God. God don’t need a fvcking house. God don’t need us! And God ain’t out to get your azz. Best believe that if there is a Satan that your azz ain’t important enough for Satan to personally take the time and fvck specifically with your azz. And if you don’t believe in God then you know life will just fvck you to fvck you because.

Life is horrible. No matter how much or little you have, its some fvck up shyt out here. Death is a gateway to peace. But the great thing about life, is that because shyt is so fvcked up you can really cherish those moments when humming birds fly and sprinkle happy dust on your genitals and you’re filled with pure joy and life becomes the gift that it truly is despite the constant smell of the daily grind shyt.
nikkis-roses rose in concrete
So what moment do you hold precious to your soul or heart? That moment that no matter how old you become or how long ago it was you will remember and cherish it till the day dirt and your remnants become one. Share that moment with us this Sunday. Remember your past impressionable positive life changing moments!

And if you can’t dig deep enough or have a moment to draw from, Folk loves you just because you took the time to read this. you’ve shared a moment with Folk which makes you valuable to Folk; despite what others may say, will say, or may have said. You are special to me just for stopping by. Thank you.