By now, you would have had to be either masturbating in the closet for the past few days or… or… too busy living life , for you not to have been inundated with visions of this picture.


William Filene, Caitline Cimeno and Greg Cimeno of Florida.

yeah.. pretty disgusting, huh?

Greg and these other two upstanding citizens learned a very quick lesson about Social media in the past few days. They learned that as quickly as you can post something for a laugh, you can ignite a veritable firestorm of vengeance and vindication unto you. Which is exactly what happened within but a few hours of this photo being posted to Caitlin Cimeno’s facebook and instagram accounts as a few people who found the photo extremely offensive began disseminating it about the Internet at record speeds. Not to mention going to Caitlin and Greg’s Facebook pages and grabbing all the information and evidence they could about these two which included more incriminating photos and postings throughout their public accounts. It was discovered that Greg Cimeno was a contractor who owned his own company to which the offended group of people descending on every internet board where said business was mentioned and … man did they light up the comments sections. On twitter, private messages boards and many others, public information was shared among the members as to WHO Caitlin, William and Greg were, where they lived, whom their family members and friends were ( who were also saying very racist things on said Facebook accounts Address, phone numbers as well as where they worked. This allowed the storms of angry people to go directly to these employers to complain about the offensive photos which resulted in Caitlin Cimeno being fired. Not to mention very large sites and some news outlets writing posts about what happened which has caused these three people to go from obscurity to pariah in the matter of 48 hours…..and to forever have this information public for future employers and associations to see.

Even the laziest of HR personnel when doing a google search, will easily find information on this shit storm.

This level of retaliation is why many people are upset. They claim that the backlash had gone too far, that things were blown out of proportion and that this was a disgusting example of people “policing thought” and ” infringing upon free speech and the 1st amendment” of Caitlin, Greg and William. Not to mention others who are defending these three and those like them by claiming: “see, Liberals talk that tolerance bullshit but look at how they are going after these poor people.”

yeah.. direct quote.

“Poor people”.

In what world do we live in that William, Caitlin and Greg Cimeno are the victims?  Bizzaro world? Fox News World?

The backlash towards these three people has been beautiful, swift and severe. Surgical in it’s precision even.   What is even more beautiful has been the tactic of Liberals and progressives in this brave new world of social media. The intelligent attack.  Digital Hell fury.

See… the world is far too used to the idea that Liberals and Progressives are the nerdy, know-it all intellectuals who think they know better and like to talk and talk at people about how much smarter they are. Which is true. That is definitely a trait of the progressive crowd. But what you don’t realize is that most liberals these days do NOT mind mixing it up with you toe-to-toe in the dirt. Todays liberals will bring it to your face in a heartbeat.  Viciously. Nothing is more vicious than an intelligent progressive who will fight…. and fight to institute LONG-Term damage. LONG -Term consequences. Gone are the days of turning the cheek and hoping others see the light. Nope. Gone are the days of “not stooping to your level”. Nope. Gone are the days of the pacifist liberal who turns the other cheek and agrees to disagree. Now? These days? In these streets? Test a liberal in 2013 and see what happens. Today those towards the left of center have no qualms showing you just how foolish it is to test them.  Liberals today have NO tolerance for your intolerance?

The conservatives and intolerant are not dealing with the liberals of the past who were content to be bullied but still held their head up high in intellectual superiority.   Today’s young liberals are not going to sit and wait for the rest of the world to get it. You’ll get it or you will get out of their way.

You’ll either participate in moving the conversation forward or…. you’ll be moved over.

You’ll get it or you will be destroyed…..

The young liberals of today are not the liberals of days gone by. They are fighters and scrappers, they are hackers and trackers and simply put, world?

They are sick of your bull shit.

You are free to voice your opinions and beliefs, people.  Just as you are free to accept the consequences of those actions.