aaaaand get the tissues out right now.


As many people will tell you Nichelle Nichol’s role on the Original Star Trek impacted lots of young black actors and actresses but especially young black females. One of those young black females who was inspired by the role of Lt Uhura was a young Whoopi Goldberg who says that seeing a Black woman on Star Trek was the moment in her life where she thought: ” I can do it. I can do anything..”

Whoopi happily goes into this story briefly to an audience before one fan stands up and explains to her…. how much HER work on Star Trek impacted his life…and…just…just have tissues ready.

guinan_uhuraThe beautiful thing about this is that whether you are a celebrity or not, we all have the power to truly impact the life and lives of another human being in a positive way. No matter how insignificant we think we are or how small we think the deed, you never know how deeply you can touch and affect another.

…but when you find out how something you’ve done has made someone’s life better in some way shape or form….. as Whoopi discovered…it will rock you to your core.

Great job, Whoopi. I have always thought she doesn’t get the warmth, love and credit she deserves.