It’s the day after Christmas, did you survive?


For those that celebrate

How was your Christmas?

Did you get everything you asked for?

Did you get to spend time with family and friends?

For those that don’t celebrate

What did you do?

Why don’t you celebrate?

Did you still get together with family and friends but not do the “Christmas” thing?

Apparently it is Beth's Job to get on Slaus's nerves.

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  1. Baegatha Christie says

    I didn’t do much except clean out my closet. Just so I can fill it with bras from this Cacique semi-annual sale!!!!


  2. Les says

    I had a great Christmas. My family was happy, so I was happy. I went to my friend’s house to celebrate her birthday, and now I’m at work… with only 5 other people in the office.

  3. Omelette! says

    I’ve laughed. I’ve cried. It’s been an emotional roller coaster, Christmas on my own. I wish my sister weren’t a psychopath, then I could see her and the kids. I’ve just watched High Society, Meet Me in St.Louis is about to start, followed by The Wizard of Oz, I have cake, things are nice. Merry Christmas!

  4. HappyStina says

    My son got what he wanted, clothes and cash! My daughter got what she wanted, Wii U! Apparently I need to lose weight, I got a home gym! Our T.V. in the living room died a few months ago, so our family gift this year from my mom was a new T.V.! I was expecting a smaller T.V. but she went and got us a 50″!! My daughter was thrilled to play her new games on that big azz T.V.! I was able to get everything cleaned up and put away last night and get in to work this morning, so I guess I can say that it was a great Christmas! As far as family goes, the only family I have is my kids and my mom, so of course we spent Christmas Eve and Christmas Day together!!

  5. TheJediReturn says

    I cooked dinner for the first time in years. I heard the food was great, but I’m sick and my sense of smell and tastebuds are gone. My kids made out like bandits, and if they’re happy I’m happy. Right now I’m cleaning the kitchen. That’s the gift that keeps on giving.

  6. Folk says

    Fvck Capitalmas and all it stands for including the pagan fvck holiday upon which it was built. folk would rather consume the deification of a rhino than participate in such horrendous outward celebration of western materialism.

    Now Folk must cease from this proclaimation to get these awesome return prices from the stores!

  7. Hautie says

    I enjoy the holidays. As I get older, the immediate family unit gets smaller. And there is something enlightening to spend the time with the 80+ year old ladies… who are widowed and have no filters. They tell amazing things/gossip, when you get a little egg nog in them. Get cookies and egg nog in them and they get to talking.

    The only down side, is how many cookies I bake for the festivities. Geez why can’t I be the girl who bakes cakes? Maybe bake 3-4 cakes and that be it.

    Nope. I am the girl who gets hustled into baking 10-12 dozens of cookies, every year. Plus fudge.

  8. Blu Williams says

    I had a great Xmas. My mom and sister came to my house. I made chicken and broccoli alfredo and a white cake with lemon icing. The Mr surprisingly gave great gifts and everyone was happy. I got nice gifts even though I didnt ask for anything.

  9. FubsyNumbles says

    Christmas for the last few years has been simply me and the wife, Lady C. Thusly, perfection has ensued. What more could one want when the first 21 months (minus 2 weeks) of one’s relationship previous to those Christmases is spent over 3,000 miles apart!!?!

  10. says

    Survived the herdding of kids, the cook prep work and the constant noise level put out by 17 people in a small space. Happy to be free of all of that >__<