SSC: Moonlight

We go about our daily lives understanding almost nothing of the world.

We give little thought of the machinery that generates the sunlight and makes life possible.

To the gravity that glues us to the earth that would otherwise send us spinning off into space.

Or to the atoms that which we are made.. and on who’s stability we fundamentally depend.

Few of us spend much time wondering why nature is the way it is.

Where the cosmos came from.

Whether it was always there.

If time will one day flow backward.

Or whether there are ultimate limits to what humans can know.

What is the smallest piece of matter.

Why we remember the past and not the future.

And why there is a universe.

– Carl Sagan

its the end of the fvcking year. 2014 is upon you byotches. and its time to bury the fvcking hatchet on 2013.

sure there is shyt that Folk could talk about in the social sphere that has Folk cleansing Folk’s azz with tweezers after a night with chili peppers and moonshine. Like the fvcking Target shytness.

but that ain’t important right now. no fvckers it aint! what’s important is that you take a fvcking moment and reflect. fvcking reflect on where you came and where you are.

Folk is ended 2013 in a weird unusual place. a place that Folk can’t put in words. there are successes, there are failures, and there are WTFs! but in the mist of it all there is life. there are moments when smiles are pure and come from the soul. those are the moments that keep things moving forward. that keep the journal of life worth another agonizing step into the abyss.

see this life is full of bullshyt. a life where dreams that are feed to us through various forms of media don’t come true. they are carrots dangling in front of the mules they make us in order to feed the fatted golden cow of the affluent to keep the populace subverted.

but in all the craziness and the shortcomings, there are those moments that keep us going. that keep us waking up in night glancing at the stars and bathing in the brightness of the moonlight.

Folk loves y’all and as y’all can tell, Folk is evolving. changing. becoming something that was not but is. and without 2013 and “all” of its experiences Folk wouldn’t be here and for that Folk is thankful for all the pain and the hurt of 2013 and look forward to the hurdles of 2014.

happy new year fam. happy fvcking new year.

so take a moment, and play the following track and reflect. reflect on those moments when your soul bathed in the brightness of the moonlight of a dark night. love y’all and good night and have a great week and a beautiful beginning to your 2014


  1. Virtual_Virgo says

    I have been doing a lot of reflecting over the course of this year, and especially this month. I’ve experienced a lot of changes in my immediate family, my relationships and on my job. I have grown and changed a great deal myself. I’ve learned that change can be painful, but in those painful moments we can experience catharsis and a new outlook at our circumstances. I chose not to numb the pain or run from it, but to go through it, look at it, examine it and learn from it. I’ve learned that pain ends, and there can be relief, release and happiness again. And if feels soooo good!

    I look forward to 2014 to see what I will learn about myself, my world and the world at large. I no longer seek to simply exist and “do”, but to suck the marrow out of every moment of life that God grants me. I wish to all a year of experiences, beauty and growth, but most of all I wish you love.

  2. Omelette! says

    The only thing we can be sure of is change and whatever change brings;
    this too shall pass.
    Happy new year Folk, happy new year everyone..