LNBS: 10 Ways a Condom wont protect yo’stank’n azz

sure there are obvious non-protection clauses for condoms, like teeth bites from an octopus or the ol’electric eel in da tub yank and shank. but that’s for more experience fvckers where medical equipment and 911 on speed dial.

but some of y’all freak azz motherfvckers need to learn the limits on condoms and what you can and can’t do wit dem shyts. so lets get this fvcking lnbs started.

number 10!

now Folk hasn’t blown through a condom, but Folk really haven’t had to use condoms but that ain’t the issue. but there was this one time Folk d@mned near broke Folk’s penile apparatus when trying to put one on the wrong way (but that was back in Folk’s younger Folk days).

what y’all using? what’ condom stories do you have?


  1. ToodySezHey says

    …..I can honestly say Ive never used one.

    I tended to only smang those I was in deep relationships with. And yes I am child and disease free.

  2. HappyStina says

    For monogamous relationships…::shrugs::….my tubes are tied. For fun in between relationships definitely condoms!