Man wants “Walking Dead” to have legless zombies. Soooo……

  The Walking Dead” can cross one zombie off its future casting list — because a brave, disabled high school kid is going all out to prove he’s the right man for the part.

Here come some big screams … and laughs too.

First of all… he just needs to slide roll up on the right one. I mean if that had been me looking at buying my nephew a bat for Christmas, and he slide around the corner like that… welllllll it would not have ended well. You would have heard “CLEAN UP ON AISLE 5!!” Cause his brain matter would have been all over the place.

Just saying…

This must have been a real drag for him. I bet his favorite dance is the Electric Slide.



Rhetoricalquestion – Guys…. how do you think it feels to slide on your balls like that? When he slides around the corner on his dack I immediatelyfelt pain in my balls. I mean.. I would think he would at least take a queue from Eddie..







Sorry again…

Stay's in the corner, only come out for 1 hour a day.