New Year’s Resolutions


Do you make them?

In the past have you followed them?

If you make them how do you plan on sticking to them?

Care to share some or all of your resolutions with us?

Apparently it is Beth's Job to get on Slaus's nerves.

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  1. ToodySezHey says

    2014 NYR

    1) make more money

    2) lose reasonable amount of weight

    3) buy Xbox 360 so I can stream Xfinity on demand.

    • I Have Logorrhea says

      i liiiive on that xfinity on demand. thats how i keep up with Olivia Pope and Fiona Goode :-)

  2. Tnisha Renae says

    Soooo resisting the urge to post grumpy cat “No.”

    I don’t make resolutions per se. I try to live and die by the sword.

  3. letinstar says

    i’ve decided not to make resolutions for 2014…however, i do plan on making more money, getting healthier and traveling more…

  4. CaraQ says

    “Do you make them?”

    “In the past have you followed them?”
    Some years more than others. This year was the most productive.

    “If you make them how do you plan on sticking to them?”
    I try to make mine more realistic. Also, if it’s something practical, I have more of a change of sticking to it.

    “Care to share some or all of your resolutions with us?”
    1) School- I start in Jan to get my BS in Business. I really need it to move forward in my career (meaning money and sense of satisfaction).
    2) Become more financially fit- Not only do we have debt to pay off, but I’m trying to build up savings and invest more into the future (or for emergencies). I’m trying to get off the plastic. I did really well this year with that, but I need to save more.
    3) Cut back on cussing- This is ongoing; it used to be “stop”, but I’m being realistic with myself. lol
    4) Improve my health- I was working on this until I had a couple of injuries in July (I think I was pushing myself too hard). So not only do I need to get back into shape (I will start working out in Jan), but also eating better. This will also help me save money (making meals at home).

    Goal #1 will also help me with my future goal of having my own business. I have worked on things off and on, but I am determined to really step up these plans as well.

    • CaraQ says

      Oh, and I will continue to work on myself as a person. I find that I’m liking who I am better each day, but there are somethings that need improvement.

  5. Les says

    No resolutions. I’ve never kept them before. Plus… if I really want to change, I don’t have to wait for a special day to do it.

  6. vanessa197676 says

    1. Stop spending money frivolously so I can pay off my student loans faster.
    2. Stop living in a building with pot heads that don’t respect the air quality of other tenants in the building. (Whenever they smoke, it stinks up all 3 floors and gets into everyone’s entire apartment. They don’t give 2 farthings about anyone else.)
    3. Stop procrastinating at work.

    • Beffa says

      you used farthings…my mother used to say “I don’t give a farthings damn” all the time. I never heard that word used by anyone but her :)

  7. I Have Logorrhea says

    ::peeks in room::
    greetings ratcheteers. my only resolution is to post on here because ive been reading the fukkery on here and it has made my life.

    • Yaya says

      So what you’re saying is you’ve found a place full of smart assholes who make you feel better about being one yourself? me too.