‘all that change your life boolshyt’ in 2014.

Many of you are out there right now beginning new year resolutions and other such practices to improve your life in some way shape or form. You’re sitting there thinking that 2014 is YOUR year. 2014 is YOUR time to be amazing.




Nevermind all the other times you didn’t do jack shyt, somehow out of the blue, THIS time is going to be different. THIS time is yours.



Your sitting there with all these lovely little dreaaaaams and desires of doing better, all the while many of your friends and family are looking at you like…



behind your back, plenty of folks are thinking…



and after listening to all of these people, you’re now sitting there wondering if you were just completely full of shit. You’re wondering why you wasted your time or you might be wondering if you really have it in you do some things differently this time…



of course your friends and family are only looking out for your well being right?  After all they love you so they are just being real with you right?



: snickering : Yeah they are just being honest. They aren’t being honest about what YOU can do though, they are instead being honest about what THEY are capable of.  Which is apparently just being a little negative cockmonkey fucker.

Let me tell you something about these people….



Negative people thrive in negativity. Many of them right now have stopped reading this because they know they are guilty of being negative c**ts and assorted varieties of dicks. I’m talking dick, cocks, weiners, shlongs, etc. Just 31 flavours of dirty dick-assness.

Let them.

Unfortunately many of these people believe they can’t ever do better so you know what? They won’t. Because they already believe they can’t and if you ask them why they can’t, they have every ‘reason’ in the world why doing and being better in any aspect of their life is an impossibility. Truth is, mayhaps some of them are right. Why? Because life isn’t fair and life can be a real shit for some people. Sad as can be… it just is. SOME of these people have suffered so many defeats throughout life that to them it feels impossible. It feels completely silly to them that shyt can be better ever because shyt has always been so bad before. I feel for those people, I really do. Then there are those people who truly suffer from a mental illness or issue that impedes them horribly.

I feel for them, I truly do.

But those aren’t the norm. More than likely there are people out there who are simply just…. little negatives people.


These people have already defeated themselves. Not the world… but defeated by themselves. The ones telling you that YOU can’t better yourself in anyway? These are the first persons you should NOT include in your plans. They are toxic.  Instead, reach out and find others trying to do good things. The same things you are doing even. I don’t care if it’s losing weight, learning something new, going back to school, etc etc. If there is something you want to improve in your life right now, please be realistic and please believe that you can do it IF you surround yourself with other positive people or believe that you are worth the effort.

I say this as a person who used to be one of the snarkiest always got something negative to say fat bytches in the history of bytches.  I have allowed MY negativity before to bring down the efforts of others simply because….shyt I don’t even know. I was simply a petty ass negative person.  DOn’t let these people deter you…please.

YOU have the power to either be your greatest asset or your worst enemy and you know what…. only one of those options makes sense.


Many of you who have been around OHN for the past 6 years know that I used to be a VERY different person. I thrived on not trying to hear opposing opinions, I enjoyed berating and embarrassing those who didn’t agree with my viewpoints, and if you didn’t agree with me, I got off on telling you that the only reason you didn’t agree with me was because you weren’t smart enough to get it.  And once I got you all riled up and emotional, I was an expert at twisting things to make YOU look like a fool. THEN I would berate you for being emotional and not in control of yourself. I prided myself on being “vulcan like” at controlling myself whilst manipulating you.

I am no longer that person. And the reason I am not that guy to the extent that I was is because one day I simply decided I really and truly didn’t think I was living up to my potential. SHyt I STILL don’t.  But what I did do is sit down and make a list of all the things I did NOT like about my life, and believe me…it was a goood long list, and from that I looked at what I realistically COULD begin to change about me. Although I didn’t even get through half that list, I made lasting changes that have helped me mature in ways I thought I never could.   Those persons I didn’t think would help in my journey but instead would hinder it, I left them out of the equation. I left them out of my plans on how I wanted to make some changes in my life.  I consulted with positive people and took a long hard look at myself and asked: “What is it about me that I don’t love enough to do better?”   If I didn’t like these things, WHY wouldn’t I change them? What was stopping me??

In the end, I found out that it wasn’t other people, it was Me.



Since I didn’t have any real reason to remain where I was and didn’t WAN’T to remain there, WHAT was the point in being there?

So I made some moves.

And when I made those moves I had awesome people in my corner like Bef, Ambz, Dwayne T, Nulli, Zell and my bestest pal; my wife, helping me and encouraging me along the way.

I love them all so much FOR being the positivity I needed that I was having trouble building in myself.

I’ve matured.. lost 35 lbs…become a better listener and a better person along the way.

Now i’ve still got a long way to go and surely i’ll stumble along the path but… I have a great group of people and have enjoyed a much more positive outlook. It took me a year getting to where I am now, and I can’t wait to struggle and strive towards the next goals with my friends and family cheering along.

Positive people.

I am not sure I could have done it without them.

Positive encouragement. folks. Empowerment.  It’s always great to believe in yourself, it truly is. But you can’t discount the power of positive reinforcement…..encouragement.

Get with others who are trying to make a difference in their own lives. Don’t argue and fight with those who are negative, as that battle will only bring you down as well.

You owe it to yourself.


So for those of you who DID make resolutions, best of luck to you….

even if you stumble, fall and fail a few times, the only real failure is giving the hell up.

Now get out of my office with your happy smiley ass….


go do some awesome shyt.


wit’cha stank ass.


Creator of OHN


When not responding to the dictate:" Will the Defendant Please Rise.." CEO and Creator of OHN;Slaus, is a comic illustrator and Social Media whore who spends his free time building legos, playing video games, drawing fantasy characters and being abused by his wife, two sons and cat.

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  • Lo Kei

    That was a positive message Slaus. A bit too positive from the likes of you. But still. Positive none the less.

    Happy New Year bish…

    • Jill Davis


      • Lo Kei

        Hey beautiful! Happy New Year!

    • JustSlaus

      Hey.. shyaddap! I can be positive!…when…when i’m not being …so..slausy

      • Lo Kei


  • Folk

    Takes off clothes, stands on conference table, tear up, and Pisses on all this self empowerment speech!

    Now give Folk a hug and chocolate milk

    • 007diva

      We are only 2 days in and you already doing too much.
      Get off the table, cover your azz, clean this mess and drink your milk over yonder———->

      • Folk

        No! Rubs azz with OHN laptop.

    • CaraQ

      *hands you milk and backs away*

    • JustSlaus

      if you don’t get yo narrow bad ass down. This is why we can’t have nice shyt.

      • 007diva

        I bet you anything his family had plastic covering the good couch

    • I Have Logorrhea
    • Micchi Dawn

      I swear it is too soon!!

  • Chidiva

    “Negative people thrive in negativity.”……….This is why I love me some you

    • JustSlaus

      lmao i’m so mad at check yes or no….

  • shawty b

    *come in and starts cleaning up after Folk,while cursing in Spanish*

  • ToodySezHey

    Lets be real though..you may not be a Debbie Downer…but yo azz is still petty.

    Dont fight me on this, just accept it.

    • JustSlaus

      whuh? huh??? I’m not!

      :pushes you down ::

  • MacDeezNutz

    That’s the kind of support I’m talking about Son. Sometimes you gotta do you and leave people beind. Wreck shop and blow some stuff up (figuratively) in the new year


  • Virtual_Virgo

    Awesomeness! Skinny Slaus is supportive and kind. Ich Liebe dich!

    • JustSlaus

      you know what’s fugged up? when normal size people lose 35lbs, they look miraculously different. I lose 35 lbs and it’s like… ok now i’m just fat as fuck but not fat as fucking shyt.

  • Troy Frazier

    I completely agree, Slaus. Jade from Victorious could get it.

    • JustSlaus

      See….. this negro here..

      ..but truuuue

  • HappyStina

    You are awesome Slaus! Just a little ashy!! Maybe you could add “lotion everyday” to the resolution this year!! Happy New Year Fam!!!!

    • JustSlaus

      :: humps on the back of your knee ::

  • CaraQ

    You and a few others have inspired me to do better food prep, which leads into two of my resolutions. In the end, I need to be happy with me, so I can’t be worried about what others think unless they jhave something constructive to say.

    • JustSlaus

      You need to do YOU and only YOU, darlin. Not looking at yourself by other person’s standards.

      do SOMETHING good for you and to you. and i didn’t mean anything nasty by that.

      • CaraQ

        You still stank.

        • JustSlaus

          you CAN GET cuddle fought up in this shyt though……

          • CaraQ

            *crane pose with loofah and sugar scrub*

  • JustSlaus

    shyt has NOT been easy, y’all. not at all. Especially in the beginning of trying to make these changes. for 38 years I believed the real me is a manipulated, conniving, selfish, petty asshole and you know what? It was true. I am naturally ALL those things.

    But i decided that wasn’t the person I had to be.

    If I thought I was so big and bad, how come I wasn’t big and bad enough to step to myself? Why? Because facing yourself is the hardest mufugga you will ever face in the history of ever. But I began learning how to get over myself.

    Still learning how.

    Buddhism helped me look into myself and learn how to clean up a lot of that negativity. Helped me learn to check a lot of that arrogance and pride. Taught me that it wasn’t always about being right all the time, but being heard, to be able to listen to others and when we don’t agree, to just be able to agree to disagree and mean it.

    I’ve still got a long way to go but man… it’s been pretty damn enlightening and I look forward to the progress and my goals for 2014

    • I Have Logorrhea

    • Babyfaced Assassin

      That’s great growth man! We have to wrap and catch up on things.

      • ohellnawl

        Let’s do that! -Slaus

  • http://dontshootmessenger.blogspot.com/ JediReturns

    Stanislaus Smalley, you’re good enough, you’re smart enough, and dogginit… people like you. Actually people like me love you. Thanks for taking us on this amazing ride with you. And kum ba yah to you too!!!

  • Unckle_Ruckus

    Get busy living, or get busy dying. – Red

  • Beffa

    let me tell you about this man’s change. How he and I are still friends is beyond me. I think God put us together so that we can help each other be better people. There were days that I wanted to kill him literally. It was nothing but God that kept me off the highway a few times. The change Slaus has made in his life is amazing. He is one of my most cherished friends and I will kill a brick and drown a drop a water for him. We have grown so much as friends/siblings it is insane! Him becoming a better person has helped me want to be a better person.

    • JustSlaus
    • April

      Nice Lyfe reference there. ;)

      Yes you two are completely different than the people I met almost 10 years ago. Hell so am I. I love the people you have become. :)

      • Beffa

        :) my sweet April! you know you are one of my favorite people ever

  • Bramblefae

    You’re pretty awesome, sir. I’ve had a similar year, and look forward to more forward-moving awesome. Also, for anyone at the beginning of big life changes-let me tell you that I DO NOT MISS anyone that had to be cut from my life for their negative ass negativity. Not one. But I love, ever more strongly, the people who want to see me fly.

  • iamtmonie

    You and your assholery were the main reason I stayed a lurker for so long. I was not trying to put my two cents into anything and get embarrassed and ganged up on by the likes of you and the old school OHN squad. But honestly, I spent a long time in lurk mode, working out my own ideas and opinions until I felt I could confidently come forth and contribute to the discussion. So even when you were being an asshole, you were changing lives. Mine at least. I owe a lot of my growth in the last few years to you, sir. I’m super sincere about that. And I love you for it and hope to meet you one day and give you a hug of appreciation.

    You still stank and ashy tho…so there’s that.

  • Baegatha Christie


  • JustSlaus

    interestingly enough, i’ve gotten a lot of flack from some christian friends and family for turning to buddhism but…. you’d be amazed how similar many of the teaching are. The only difference is Buddhism puts the power unto you.

    Buddhism has actually brought me closer to an understanding of God than I have ever had before.

    :shrugs: go figure.

    • Lefty_Stiletto

      start reading Taoist and Hindu teachings as well, they all have the same teachings but filtered through their own cultures. and if you want to read sublime religious poetry read Hafez, a Sufi mystic. it will blow your mind about God et al and give you a deeper understanding of religion and spirituality.

    • April

      I have always been drawn to Buddhism and feel that is where I’m leaning. When I am ready to start my religious soul searching (still not there yet Beth!!) I will definitely be in contact with you sir!!

  • Yaya

    standing ovation!

  • Yaya

    I’d like to reiterate something I found out for myself a while back. Being negative about others who are doing is just a reflection of our own failures and refusal to accept that we can change our own lives. We berate others because we are projecting the limits we’ve placed on ourselves. LOve yall!

  • I Have Logorrhea

    love your post. it kind of sounds like you at a 3am epiphany in your drawls and one sock on which is the best time to write to real shit down lol

    • Yaya

      one sock on cause the other one he used as the nut sock

      • I Have Logorrhea

        lol oh course thoughts flow better after you have a good nut lol

      • JustSlaus

        i hate it when you’re right, booby….

    • JustSlaus

      thanks! it was more so that i have been seeing people post about wanting to do better, and then their friends and associated berating them for wanting to make changes…..

      how the hell do you love someone but then be a negative influence where some damn positive reinforcement could be much more useful

  • letinstar

    happy New Year Slaus…and kudos on your weight loss!

  • DB Ruberto

    Say ALL of that again! I am with you; it took me a long time to love me for me and f*ck the naysayers….

  • Mr. After Dark

    Well said sir! Bravo

  • Hautie

    Ahhhh…. the joy of having positive people in your life. It really does matter.

    When I was 25. I made it a point to cut off a lot of so call “friends”. Lots of girls I grew up… went to school/church with… girls that I one day I realize, were not nice people.

    It was the best decision I ever made.

  • msjess

    Thanks for the encouragement Roller Bear LOL! I just made a list of things that I need to do for myself and you’re right, it all starts with me.

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