I KNEW this is why women went to the bathroom in pairs….


mmmmhm….. KNEW it.


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  • Lo Kei


    Like Ray Charles said.. I sure like to see that!

  • Jill Davis

    I WISH!

  • MacDeezNutz
    • JustSlaus

      this sums up my entire love life in highschool.

    • JustSlaus

      damn…ol girl who did the kissing could get it, son…

  • HappyStina

    How did our secrets get out!!

  • JustMe81

    Dude…Some females have ZERO chill in public restrooms. You walk in and see all kinds of abominations and WISH you had someone to provide leverage to avoid touching the seat.

    • Yaya

      Fugg a Sharknado. I’ve seen women’srestrooms who’vebeen hit by shitnados and no fucks.

  • Unckle_Ruckus

    After conducting my first, and last, panty raid in college, I totally get that. Ewww and damn.