LNBS: New CPR method approved.

Ladies the next time you see your man knocked da fvck out and you need to revive him quickly in order to ensure his survival? Pay real close attention to the video below.

Fellas, this method is NOT approved for your use on your male friends. Just leave them motherfvckers to die! Folk don’t wanna come back this way! Just let Folk go! Just let Folk go!

…but ladies, you’re more than welcome to use this method

Night nite


  1. imagination1919 says

    what did i just watch… where they REALLY trying to wake that man up by jerking him???

  2. Mr. After Dark says

    What in the entire frothy flibbity fuckall?

    Now that’d be a great way to wake up in the morning, but how much is he paying his cut man to jerk his jibby to life?

    • says

      You didn’t know?!?! They have dual degrees in sports medicine and sex therapy. To revive a knockout victim they were supposed to increase blood flow to the head… but they got confused.