Something for the menfolk around here: A Modern Gentleman’s 30 Rules


I saw this list on TJ Holmes twitterfeed this morning. Damn TJ is fine as all of outdoors. Look at him, look at his eyes and that voice. Hey TJ. Oh wait what was I talking about?

Anyway, I saw this list and thought why not post this for the menfolk and get their opinion on it.

74611371. Be gentle to the fairer sex, it’s in the name.
2. Dress well no matter the occasion.
3. Pride is dangerous, be careful.
4. Be humble, be grateful
5. Opening the door or giving up a seat for a lady isn’t up
for discussion.
6. Work hard, that is if you want to own anything worth having
7. Starting / instigating a fight is for school boys, but men obtain the power to end one.
8. Ignorance isn’t bliss, knowledge is power.
9. Suit up (make sure they’re tailored to fit)
10. Confidence is a gentleman’s trademark.
11. Comfort zones are for the weak, men aren’t weak.
12. Foul language is for the less educated.
13. Make eye contact and mean business.
14. Lower your standards for no one.
15. Being romantic doesn’t make you a woman.
16. Stay groomed.
17. Admit when you’re wrong
18. Always make the first move, you’re the MAN
19. Handwritten “Thank you” cards aren’t outdated. Use them.
20. Chivalry is not dead, there are just too many boys.
21. It is said you can tell a lot about a man through his handshake, so make it strong and firm.
22. Leave her breathless
23. Judge no one, just improve yourself.
24. Speak your mind, don’t hesitate.
25. Offer your arm to a lady while walking, they’ll feel secure.
26. You’re the man, you pay.
27. Women love compliments, gentlemen provide them.
28. Never wear your hat indoors, it’s disrespectful.
29. Make sure everyone has their plate before you start eating.
30. We don’t always have to be the center of attention, but we are always noticed. It is our signature as
gentlemen to come, make a statement, leave, and be remembered.


There is even video:

So fellas what do you think? Is this list on point? Is this list stupid? Share with the class your thoughts.

Apparently it is Beth's Job to get on Slaus's nerves.

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  1. Omelette! says

    .23 “judge no one” says the judgmental one with his judgmental list of judgments. Adolescent posing.

  2. doubledizze says

    The very first one should offend women that favor equality….actually, any of the ones addressing the treatment of women are suspect.

    • BSmuv says

      Ok if that is the case, fuck woman and children first in all situations and if the woman hears a bump in the night, she needs to get her ass out the bed in the middle of the night and go check it out. That sound about right?

      • Beffa says

        Key to his comment women that favor equality…many think that feminism means that women want to do every single thing that a man does because they flat out don’t need a man.

        that is utter bullshit but a lot of folks think that.

        Trust if some shit goes bump in the night and I’m married I’m pushing the husband the dog and anything else out to find out what it is LOL fuck equality

      • doubledizze says

        I don’t know where children came into it…but I believe that people should be treated fairly because they’re people, and not according to their gender. Adults, men and women alike, should put children first because they’re kids, and most likely can’t help themselves. A bump in the night is heard, you best believe that every adult is getting up to check it out.

      • JustSlaus says

        I disagree, B. As the man in this house and reaping said benefits of such, there are also roles and responsibilities that I have to accept as a consequence or responsibility. If There is a bump in the night, as a natural protector, I always check my wife and children and secure them before I and I alone go see what the issue is. That’s my role and responsibility. If i’m going to reap the benefits of being The man, I also have to accept the responsibilities and consequences of that role. My Universal tax. Only time I would EVER ask my wife to come WITH me is if she was the one with the the gun to cover me in case my serrated blade ain’t gonna cut it against an attacker with a firearm. Other than that? Nope. As the man of this house, that’ my job.

          • JustSlaus says

            Anytime. I think that far too many times we as dudes today talk a lot about how we want the treatment of a traditional man by a woman but then we don’t want to have any of the consequences or pay any of the universal tax that has to come with it. Sorry but the universal tax of BEING a husband and father and receiving all the benefits of, means that when it comes down to it, EYE am expected to lay down MY life for that of my family and frankly it’s a role I accept without hesitation. My life is worth lots but in the grand scheme of thing, I would give my life and several reincarnations if it meant saving my lioness and cubs.

            it’s the price of the big piece of chicken.. and my wife having a drink ready for me ….and my wife making me nice cold things to drink without being asked in the summer time whilst im working.I don’t get all the awesome benefits I receive without expecting to have to GIVE in return.

    • DameloSuave says

      I also think that ‘be gentle’ means, treat with kindness and respect – at least, that’s how I see it. And since these are steps to being a ‘gentle’man, I don’t believe it’s meant to be offensive to women – but the ladies here will make it known soon enough lol

  3. rmc_futurephd says

    I love a man that knows how to be a gentleman. I believe that I can get a PhD, have a career, and still be a woman worthy of gentlemanly treatment. I am not offended at all.

  4. JustSlaus says

    Actually I loved 99% of these but… i’m sleep apparently. These are some of my favs:

    28. Never wear your hat indoors, it’s disrespectful. – SERIOUSLY! When did we forget this!

    Suit up (make sure they’re tailored to fit)- I fuggin HATE suits but that is because fat people look awful in suits. But please believe when I get down to where I need to be, i’m getting a closet full…. tailored…none of that burlington coat factory bullshyt either.

    17. Admit when you’re wrong – nothing worse than someone who can’t be grown up enough to admit they are wrong.

    21. It is said you can tell a lot about a man through his handshake, so make it strong and firm. – seriously.. everything I need to know about you is first in your handshake. Weak handshake I can’t respect.

  5. JustSlaus says

    This is a great list for the old school type male and females. Alas, for the majority it is viewed as lame, sexist and outdated so…. :shrugs: welp

  6. Fadematic says

    My thoughts on this can only be summed up as thus…

    A pox on this piss infected cum-bubble and his pretentious notions on what a gentleman is. Also outdoor-guys hate the crap out of suits. Have you ever seen a guy set up a camp in a (insert thread count) suit? No, no you haven’t and you never will.

    If you do, it’s staged and faker than Kim’s booty.

  7. BSmuv says

    This list is what I was taught growing up so this is like old hat to me (I have references Bef just encase you think otherwise). The sad part is there are a large number of women that do not know how to treat a man the follows this list and then some. The even sadder part is there are a lot of women out there that do not deserve a man who lives by this list because they ain’t following the A Lady’s 30 Rules. I know 2 rules off the top a lot of ladies have issues with following:

    -Know when to speak and know when to be silent. It is not that you opinion is not valued, but there is no need to be repetitive.
    -Cook for a gentleman that is courting you, it shows you have valuable skills in the making of a home.

    • Beffa says

      Some of the list is geared towards how you should treat a woman but a great deal is how you should conduct yourself in general.

      Why did you feel the need to point out the few that are geared towards women?

      • BSmuv says

        How did I point out any of the rules of the list as being geared toward women? If anything I clearly stated that there are a lot of women that are not following their own list of rules for being a lady.

        • JustSlaus says

          Hair pulling, punching, scratching.. all that. something… we gone get cussed and stabbed Cece too bad we’re both married. we could make out before we got killededed by B and Bef. oh well. it was nice knowing you though.

    • rmc_futurephd says

      I love to cook and believe in feeding my man. I never understood women that don’t. However, I understand that its one of my personal values. Now being repetitive…working on that lol. I’m not the worst but I know I have room to grow as well.

      It is my opinion for any man or woman, that a willingness to learn new things and grow as a person is essential.

      • JustSlaus says

        : sucks teeth :: tell it with your smarty-art pretty azz. If you are the same person you were a year ago and the same person before that, what a waste of two years.

  8. Beffa says

    This one:

    29. Make sure everyone has their plate before you start eating.

    interesting since I see a lot of women talk about the “Christian” order in the house. The man comes first.

    So many times I’ve seen women say they make their husband’s plate before they make theirs or the children because it is the proper “Christian” order.

    I never really subscribed to that cause I can’t see anyone going before my child but I can admit that may be because I’m a single parent.

    • Jonesey says

      That was my first reaction, too, but it actually only states you should wait before eating… not wait to get served.
      I read it as – even if you’re served first, wait until everyone has theirs.
      Which could also be filed under common courtesy and is something I’ve been taught and always adhered to.

    • rmc_futurephd says

      Waiting to eat is also appropriate etiquette at banquets and business dinners. It is part of the etiquette training that I have been involved in through career services at universities. I also try to teach my daughter to wait for me before she starts eating too. Now as it relates to making your man a plate, I will do that because I love him and service is one of many ways that love can be expressed not because it’s the Christian thing to do. I have also made plates for others including friends at home dinner parties or get togethers.

    • JustSlaus says

      What’s interesting is that when the Lioness cooks, she will usually make my plate first and I always cuss her and get mad, telling her to feed the kids first and that I can make my own after she gets hers. She then cusses ME and tells me to stfu and eat and as my wife she can serve me if she damn well pleases. On the flip and hypocritical, when I cook, I always serve her first, then she cusses me for the same reasons.

      we hear so much boolshyt about what happens in other marriages that I think we are hypersensitive to one another feeling we must be served in some form of reverence. It’s all pretty stupid on our part but it’s a shared fear nonetheless.

    • J B says

      For me, whoever cooks eats last. Compliments to the chef. Besides, I’ve probably been snacking while cooking anyway. :)

  9. Jonesey says

    I’d scratch 12, 18 and 26 altogether and say two things about the rest:
    1) MOST of all of it goes for everybody living around other people.
    2) While none of it is mandatory, you can be damn sure it will make you feel damn good about yourself to stay on top of it and it will get you a lot of sweet places in the world that you’ll sure enjoy being in.

  10. Yaya says

    15. ?!?
    Cause it’s offensive to be a woman right? Fuck that! Having some of my traits would be an upgrade.

  11. DameloSuave says

    Iont see a problem with most of this – seems like common sense as Slaus & others said. Maybe I’m old school as well…*shrug* – I’ll be that

  12. Omelette! says

    Anyone can buy a suit, grab the check and know which fork to use. Being a gentleman is not about the cut of your suit or posturing for social effect in pursuit of your own good fortune. It’s treating The Janitor with as much courtesy, consideration and respect as you would The President, integrity, regardless of personal gain.

    • J B says

      I can dig that to some degree. There continues to be a very Eurocentric spin on what a gentleman should be, and most of it is based on very antiquated social norms and fashion. Looking the part, unfortunately, demands some sense of respect without delving deeper into that person’s personality… and vice versa. People are quick to stay surface and accept what’s being sold to their eyes. Actions speak louder than bowties. E tu’, Chris Brown and Idris Elba?

  13. FubsyNumbles says

    1. And don’t forget to pat them on the head. Ladies love head-patting

    5. Yes, I’m a behavioural fascist

    6. I was told this by Fauntleroy Cholmeley-Smythe, the 17th Lord of Spoogingstone

    7. As you can tell from history, this has worked out well for the legion of humble, peaceful men who have obtained power without ever really wanting it. Follow their tranquil serene example.

    10. I have a suit jacket with “kill all shy people” embroidered in the silk lining

    11. I laugh at my own jokes sometimes – this one ended up with me needing some digestive assistance

    12. And fugg you if you think otherwise

    14. Except me, of course

    15. I just thought I’d try this sentence out. No, it doesn’t really make any sense, does it?

    16. This one’s addressed to all the horses out there

    17. See what I did there?

    18. And we can’t have anyone stealing our clubs or fires now, can we?

    19. “Fugg you” cards can sometimes also be useful

    20. The last bit of that sentence is a quote from Michael Jackson

    21. A limp handshake suggests you may in fact be a woman. And nobody likes women

    22. A pillow normally works

    23. Of course, I can judge – that’s a given. You can’t. See the difference?

    24. Especially around people of different races, sexualities and faiths

    25. Any lady will do, you don’t have to be picky. See that woman over there? Yea, that’s the one. The woman with the bottle in a brown bag? Go on, be a man

    26. This applies only to the hiring of prostitutes

    27. Men, of course, can’t stand compliments – what are you, a girl?!

    30. I always try to write my signature in come. I’ve usually run out by the time it comes do make a statement with it. It’s what a true gentleman does.

  14. Beffa says

    setting myself up here but I couldn’t resist. You know what is so cool is that none of the men cussed me for drooling over TJ Holmes :)

  15. notconvincedgranny says

    20. Because, to quote Katt Williams when he was sane, there are so many bitch-azz n****s a woman might as well be with a bitch, n***a.