If you could change 1 thing about yourself


After yesterday’s confession post I don’t even know why I’m posting today!

Whew that post wore me out!

I’ll give it a try though

If you could change one thing about yourself what would it be?

It could be anything something physical (plastic surgery, weight loss etc), your profession, your relationship, anything.

Or are you happy with every aspect of you?

Speak on it!

Apparently it is Beth's Job to get on Slaus's nerves.

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  1. JustSlaus says

    When i’m 100% sure i’m right on a subject and others disagree with me, i immediately become condescending and belittling. I’ve been working on this and have come a long way in the past 2 years but every now and then I still slip up.

    I am naturally petty and vindictive. been working on that also and have made huge strides but man do I still have those demons in there.

    hair… i can’t grow it not anywhere really.

    • JustMe81 says

      I am naturally petty and vindictive. been working on that also and have made huge strides but man do I still have those demons in there.

      Ugh, me too. It’s just so hard to stop and I’m so good at it. This whole being a real adult thing is for the birds!

  2. JustMe81 says

    I wish I could still have kids. Everything else I want to change about myself, I can handle living without.

  3. ThatDamnPaul says

    I’m unmotivated and slightly lazy. I do just enough to get by at work and just enough exercise to stay borderline healthy.

  4. Giazzy OhsoClassy says

    I’ve grown so skeptical of people. I’m always thinking someone has an agenda when they’re being nice to me. So I side eye the shyt outta them and dismiss them with a flippant remark…..I wish I could just be more lighthearted again…

  5. TracyTrips says

    I wish I could be more cutthroat. There are customers I have a soft spot for that I let slide on payment and I have certain competitors that I have a respect for and if I could JUST be a douchebag asshole for 5 minutes I could steal numerous customers from them but I just can’t do it.

  6. Unckle_Ruckus says

    Wish I never picked up those coffin nails…Thought I was impressing older women with a cig hanging from the corner of my lip. Bad fuggin move.

  7. Chitown Sista says

    I wish I wasnt so cynical as well. I feel myself giving up on humanity and that sux. There are so many aholes walking around taking up oxygen that it makes it hard and in everyday life I witness more jerks than saints. Its sad when a good deed is seen as rare. I guess I long for the good ol days growing up when kids still had manners and adults acted like adults and led by example. I feel my patience wearing thin as well. I cant stand people being mean just to be mean and I speak on it and that is dangerous in this day and age.

  8. DameloSuave says

    I’d like to not be a gold medalist in procrastination, which also cause me to be late often – all my plans get screwed up because of it.

    Physically, it’d be nice if these big ears came with super hearing, cable, satellite feed…something.

  9. DanceMagicDance says

    To be more ruthless and heartless. Seems those people get farther along in the world than those of us who play by the rules and try to be kind to people.

  10. Skintyyy says

    One thing I would change about myself is my insecurity. I used to be overweight, depressed, with low self esteem. I got myself together, lost 30 lbs from eating healthier, then met my fiance’ who helped me lose another 30 lbs and get in the best shape of my life. But here I am, still insecure about the way I look. I need to learn how to love my body.

  11. Alessandro Mariano says

    well i like myself the way i am. i wish i didnt have tits. but then if i could actually change something i would give myself powers. colossus’ power from x-men to be exact

  12. Jonesey says

    Wish I could get out of my own way and just DO things instead of talking myself out of them all the time.