Derrick Coleman’s Seahawks commercial is awesome..

A testament to believing in yourself….. wow.


You’ll never believe you can do anything until you believe you can. ….. so simple a statement and in more cases than not…. true.

Remember that ish today, folks.

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  • Beffa

    I saw something about this commercial the other day but I never looked it up. wow…it truly moved me to tears…. guess i’ll be cheering for the Seahawks this Sunday

  • Les

    Awesome! But I still want Denver to win it all.

  • Yaya

    *tears* man this commercial is awesome!!!
    I always got picked last for kickball, its made me the best adult bully I can be.

  • marina

    *dabs tears* nothing is impossible so long as you believe in yourself.

  • notconvincedgranny

    He is proof that you should always be your Number 1 fan. But I’m not a sleazehawk fan. Gold Rush, y’all!!!

  • Bubba_Renaldo_Garcia_Rodriguez

    I love this….LOVE it. Wonder what all the doubters have to say now.

    • Leo the Yardie Chick

      I heard it’s hard to speak with a mouth full of crow.

  • SKTheKid

    Damn it’s dusty in here, got something in my eye and shyt…allergies acting up…*snif*