SSC: Accomplishments you’re most proud of or things you want to accomplish?

As many of you read this Folk will possibly be somewhere within the 26.2 miles of the course that awaits. Striving to accomplish the thing that Folk has been in training for since last August.

When its over, Folk will be emotional. Folk will be elated. Folk will still have many many many miles to go. For this goal, this acocmplishment, isn’t just a momentary thing. No. This has been a life altering development that has touched me in ways that Folk cannot put into words.

It is oh so ironic that this task is taken just days after the birth of civil rights leader Dr. MLKjr. There will be thoughts of Folk’s ancestors. Those who struggled, fought, and many that died just to give Folk the opportunity to park in the same parking lot as Folk’s Caucasian cousins, let alone run in a marathon side by side with not only other white males but females too. Without fear of a beat down at a simple twitch of an eye.

Folk has several accomplishments that mean a lot to Folk. Being a product of the inner city makes some of these accomplishments seem minor but they are monumental in Folk’s eyes because the simple accomplishments have lead to where Folk is now.

Folk finished elementary school able to read and write at the appropriate grade level through the love and dedication of one teacher Mr. Cook.
Folk graduated High School with skills that allowed Folk to enroll and get a scholarship to college.
Folk graduated College
Folk had some awesome family members that taught Folk some very hard lessons early in life and Folk actually applies them to this day. Yes this is an accomplishment.

That’s the list. The list seems small but those are the core things that have made Folk who Folk is. Within those simple accomplishments are all the elements that make Folk who Folk is. And it is these accomplishments that will assist Folk to accomplish this task that Folk will undertake just hours from now.

But why 26.2 miles? Ain’t no lynch mob chasing you Folk! Ain’t no nekkid white women to chase after! There’s no million dollar prize for yo’ ashy azz at the end! There’s no mountains of tidday to search to get your finishing medal at the end! Why!

Roughly two years ago Folk’s blood pressure was critcally high. Folk knew that if Folk allowed those people called doctors to get hold of Folk, folk would forever be a statistic and addicted to the meds they would prescribe. Not saying that some people don’t have a choice, Folk just decided that Folk needed to make some drastic lifestyle changes in order to LIVE!

Less than two years ago, Folk could barely run a mile without breathing hard as Folk allowed the stress and the seditary lifestyle of corporate life to eat at the body and soul of the very being the Folk was. Folk decided to fight back and fight back hard! Hundreds of miles have been traverse and Folk has never completed more than 20 in one sitting. Folk’s blood pressure is much lower than what it was two years ago. It could be better, but Folk isn’t afraid at every beat of Folk’s heart. Folk will run side by side with death tomorrow in a celebration of life. Of progress. Of being able to run in the streets with white women with big breast and great legs without fear of being publically castrated or hung in a tree. Now Folk’s sidekick may hit Folk upside the head but…

What are your most proud accomplishments? Or what things do you want to accomplish in 2014?


  1. Leo the Yardie Chick says

    That I graduated college before I turned 30. Hit a snag the first time, but glad I battled through and won teh secoind time around.

  2. Chidiva says

    My 2 wonderful Children are my greatest accomplishments and What I’m most proud of.I’m also really proud of the positive,loving relationship I’ve maintained with their Father,even to this day,I love and respect that Man. Though we broke up when our kids were ages 2 and 6,they didn’t find out or even notice we were no longer a couple until they were in their late teens.

  3. DameloSuave says

    Congrats Folk (even if you’re still quite ainshyt). One accomplishment I’m proud of is going back to finish my grad degree – with the encouragement and leading of my pastor and my mother.

  4. I Have Logorrhea says

    My daughter is my biggest accomplishment. She gave me confidence, strength, patience, stamina, grace and the power to delegate which are all things I lacked as an adult and now Im a more focused and far more productive woman.

  5. I Have Logorrhea says

    BTW I hope to be more conscious of my body like you have. I can barely run 26.2 secs lol

  6. FubsyNumbles says

    I hope it went well for you Mr Folk, sir. Congratulations on even reaching the point where you’re able to take part!

  7. ohthatguy says

    I’d be surprised if I manage to run 26 miles in 2014, so congrats.

    There are so many things I thought I’d do that I haven’t done or never will do, but I’ve found other things that have made me happier. I’m a teacher, and I look at some of the kids I think I’ve helped, and that’s what I feel best about. The students deserve just about all of the credit, but there are times you think your contributions helped them get the slightly higher score, or finish the big project, or whatever. On a related note, I’ve never choked one of the little jerks for their bad attitudes (I think I might have been a respectful young lad. Maybe. Stop laughing)

  8. Chemcutie says

    Very proud of you sir! Welcome to the 1% club!!!! You let me know your next marathon you plan to run and I will join you. Check out NBMA (national black marathoners association) and become a member. Such an awesome group of people who all support one another.

    My 2014 started off with a huge accomplishment for me. I earned my third degree black belt in shotokan and gosh in jujitsu. It’s huge for me because there are not many black female martial artists out there, especially ones who truly go the distance. I am only the second female ever to earn a black belt under my Sensei and it was a tough road with folks who doubted me or thought I must have sucked someone’s D to get there. Had to fight many big guys who just wanted to beat my azz just for being a female and wanted to try and embarrass me……unfortunately they were the ones embarrassed in the end. I guess they learned that it truly isn’t the size of the dog in the fight rather it is the size of the fight in the dog.

  9. JustMe81 says

    Congrats Folk!

    My biggest accomplishment is that I beat cancer…twice. Every other failure in my life means zip compared to that.