What do you think are the biggest dating and relationship hurdles due to age today.


There are lots of different issues that we will face when it comes to forming romantic relationships in this brave new world. Whether you are 20 or 50, it matters not. There will always be some issues and hurdles that will need to be overcome due to so many different things.

Some of those issues will be due to demographics…

Age being one.

It goes without saying that there will be different issues those in their 20’s will face compared to their 40’s. That’s a given.

But what say you?

What are some issues you think people face today due to age group?

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  1. DB Ruberto says

    At my age, its about finding someone who is single AND normal….I can handle some baggage, but not moving PODS full of shyte…

  2. DameloSuave says

    The difficulty in maintaining a standard when folks are out here fugging for a super-sized Extra Value Meal…

    Do people actually date anymore? Do they know what a date is & how it works?

    • iamtmonie says

      I don’t. I haven’t been on a date in God knows when. I don’t know what to do anymore.

  3. Cece Nichole says

    These mofos are crazy! Males and females! Don’t want no parts of it! *sends up another prayer to the divine as thanks for husband man*

  4. Leo the Yardie Chick says

    Just see my comments in that One Man HIV Spreading Machine post. And what DB, Damelo, and Cece said.

  5. imagination1919 says

    I’m new to the dating scene – 2 things I find -> people rushing into (in some cases back into) relationships…. and people with weird concepts of what they think a relationship should be.

  6. Micchi Dawn says

    Hurdles? Finding someone not so messed up in the head that I don’t have to strangle! Finding a guy who can understand I WILL NOT have sex with you just because we went out once … twice … even 40 times darnit!

  7. Mr. After Dark says

    Everyone is crazy. Crazy just means you two don’t understand each other yet. The more we as a society, fragment off into the corners of our subcultures so we feel like we belong to something, the farther we get from having that shared understanding.

    Everyone is different, but that doesn’t mean we aren’t wanting the same kind of things. I’d say the hardest struggle is having someone love you the way you like being loved. You can’t expect a stranger, or even your partner of twenty years to just KNOW what you need if you’ve never spoken up.

    And when you find that they can’t give it to you; shake hands, pack up and move on. Staying for “Just cause” will make you bitter. Nobody wants that and no one deserves your misery.

    Go get loved. Let it happen.

  8. cake_and_pies says

    There are a lot of hurt people who can’t communicate
    Mostly people who like crazy people, but won’t admit to it.
    I’m running into some men who stay saying there are no good women, because they have some sort of weird self-fulling prophecy of proving there are no good women. They like to start arguments, pick fights, dust up drama, just to say “I knew you weren’t a good woman.” I just asked you if you wanted scrambled or poached eggs. 0_0