Dear OHN: Did I give my friend bad advice?


Dear OHN

Love the blog! You guys are crazy in a good way, I think.

Anyway, a female friend of mine came to me the other day seeking advice on a situation she’s gotten herself in.

Apparently, she was at a work event and something happened between her and a man who occasionally attends these types of events.

From what I gather, this guy knows her and her co-workers due to the type of industry they all work in. They’ve developed a good “business associate” type relationship, greeting each other with hugs and kisses on the cheek.

At this event things went a little past the kiss on the cheek.

From what my homegirl told me she was sitting at a table alone enjoying some of the desserts at the event. This man walked up to her and said if I kiss you wonder would I taste that cake or whatever it was she was eating. She gets up and says lets find out and of course he planted a big kiss on her lips! Now according to her (I only have her side of this story) she didn’t do anything. She was “shocked” yet she didn’t say anything to dude. Oh let me add that while telling me this story she mentioned that this dude was allegedly diggin’ on her co-worker. Anyway, the event ended and she went home to her boyfriend, yep homegirl got a man. She says she told him but felt like she did nothing wrong. At this point I’m looking at my phone like am I in the twilight zone. Her man of course is mad at her. I told her look honey you did some foul mess. Then had the nerve to act like you didn’t anything wrong. You need to go apologize to your man and pray he forgives you for this mess. She of course thinks I’m reading too much into this and that her intentions were not to kiss the dude. I told her look regardless of your intentions, which I think are some BS, you let a man kiss you in the mouth. That is not going to sit well with most dudes so yea your man is mad and I can completely understand. If you were my woman I’d be pissed too!

We went back and forth and she still just didn’t understand why her man is mad at her.

I’m sure I could have sent this in to the fellas in the roundtable but since I’m a dude I figured they would be on the same page as me of course I could be wrong. Maybe you can post this on the blog to get everyone (the ladies) opinion.

Is my advice wrong? Is her man trippin’? Or is she on some other BS and needs to admit she likes ol’ dude and wanted to see what was up?

I’m just going to let you guys handle this.

Apparently it is Beth's Job to get on Slaus's nerves.

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  1. LadyCant says

    “She gets up and says lets find out and of course he planted a big kiss on her lips! Now according to her (I only have her side of this story) she didn’t do anything. She was “shocked” yet she didn’t say anything to dude.”

    Oh but she didn’t say anything…? She’s a twit with hoe tendencies.

  2. JustMe81 says

    As a woman, let me say that your friend has a screw loose. Bet she wouldn’t think it was ok if her man came home telling her he’d been kissing some random chick.

  3. Treesa says

    She was wrong. “Lets find out…” Was the end all. She needs to suck it up and apologize and not get so caught up in the next round of attention she recieves.

  4. Divalalake says

    She’s wrong on multiple levels. You don’t stand up, say let’s find out and then stand there. She Invited that kiss.

  5. says

    The fact that she really thinks she did nothing wrong tells me she probably shouldn’t be in a relationship at all until she gets herself together.

    • says

      That’s where I was gonna go. Unless they’re in a non-committing relationship, that mentality is deadly in a relationship. You gave her the right advice, but since her goal is to be right and not to do right its time to step back and let her deal with the fallout.

  6. Baegatha Christie says

    So…you telling me that SHE invited the kiss to happen and doesn’t understand why her man is mad at her?


  7. Unckle_Ruckus says

    He asked what she would taste like, she stands up and says let’s find out, then says I didn’t know he would kiss me?

    She’s a simple thing, ain’t she?

  8. TracyTrips says

    First of all….she’s a big fat liar. NOBODY is that stupid. The issue here is what was her motivation?

    I’m gonna say that this girl was tryin to make her man jealous. She was tryin to let him know that other dudes want her. She’s gonna put on that dumbass innocent act like ‘whaaa?’ But she knows. She knows EXACTLY what she did. She just wants to be innocent yet let her man know she got other choices and maybe he should realize the prize he has.

    Janky ol’ county fair prize is what he got.

  9. Yaya says

    iCan’t w. children trying to be in grown up relationships. This is stuff I heard about in the sixth grade after recess.

  10. DameloSuave says

    I was gonna ask if she was retar–I mean, slow, cuz no regular person can be that dumb…

    Dude needs to let her go before she falls on some strange jibby talmbout she ‘tripped,’ and he catches a charge.

  11. CaspercutieSTL says

    You gave the right advice. Maybe you should have used hand puppets to explain how wrong it was to invite the man to a flavor tasting.

  12. notconvincedgranny says

    She issued the test, he passed, and she’s upset by the result? That would have been a Medusa moment for me because I’d have stared that ignant heffa into stone.

  13. Les says

    The fact that something similar happening on a show called “Parenthood” right now…
    She knew she wanted him… the “lets find out” is the whole thing that’s wrong with this situation. Period. She’s wrong.