WHEN HIS SON was caught allegedly shoplifting at the Burlington Coat Factory in Upper Darby on Friday, Marvin Francis didn’t just sweep it under the rug.

Instead, police say, he grabbed a broom from a sales display as he walked to the security office. Once there, he beat his son repeatedly with the broom before dragging him to the sidewalk and knocking him unconscious.


Now it’s Francis who’s being punished, as he sits in the Delaware County Prison on $100,000 bail, charged with aggravated assault and related offenses.

“He beat him like a piece of meat,” said Upper Darby Police Superintendent Michael Chitwood. “It’s one thing to discipline a kid, it’s a another thing to feloniously assault a child and then not even get him medical help.”

The incident started about 7 p.m. Friday, when loss-prevention officers at the store, on 69th Street near Chestnut, caught two 16-year-old boys stealing, Chitwood said. He didn’t know what the boys – who are cousins – were accused of stealing, and he didn’t release their names because they are juveniles.
The loss-prevention officers didn’t call police about the thefts, which is not unusual, but they did call the teens’ parents, Chitwood said.

Francis, 39, of Woodcrest Avenue near 76th Street, was the first to arrive.

“As he’s walking in, he picks up a broom in the store from a sales display and walks into the security office and starts beating his son with the broom,” Chitwood said. “Then he throws the broom down and punches, kicks and knocks the kid to the ground.”

All this happened while the boy’s cousin sat nearby. “He’s sitting right there watching, scared to death,” Chitwood said.

Security officers tried to stop the beating, according to police, but then they let Francis sign for his child and walk out of the store with him.

“The next thing you know, he’s outside of the store and he starts punching him and beating him again,” Chitwood said. “This time he knocks him down, stomps him in the head and knocks him unconscious.”
After attempts to revive his son failed, Francis picked him up, threw him over his left shoulder, walked across 69th Street and tossed him into the back of his black Lexus, according to police.
Chitwood said officers were called to the scene by civilians on 69th Street who saw the alleged beating, and not by store security.

“As far as the retail theft, I can understand that they didn’t call us, but when the father started beating the kid the way he did, that’s when [store security] should have called police,” he said.

By the time officers arrived, father and son were gone. Responding officers were able to get the child’s address and went to West Philadelphia to check on his well-being, Chitwood said.

The boy lives with his mother and was there when police arrived. He was conscious and alert, but police tried to convince his mother to take him to a hospital to get him checked out. Chitwood said she was “reluctant” to do so. He didn’t know yesterday if the boy had been seen by a doctor.

Although they don’t live together, Francis allegedly showed up at the mother’s house while police were there and was promptly arrested, Chitwood said.

Look.. let me tell you something about my parents; Julia and Stafford, God rest their souls. IF I was ever caught stealing and the police asked me if I wanted them to call my parents or the police, bytch better believe i’m taking what’s behind door number 2 and going with the police. No way in hell would I have wanted to have either of my parents have to come retrieve me from some ol boolshyt like stealing?? Stealing?? Some ol n*gga shyt?? Maaan my parents could excuse a lot of things and they did. But doing some n*gga shyt was always the NUMBER ONE offense in our house growing up.  We weren’t even allowed to be late for shyt because being late was the ish that n*ggas loved to do.  : shudders:: One day I’ll tell y’all about the one and only time I was ever late in Stafford Caldwell’s house as a teenager. :: cries at the memories ::

DOn’t be late, don’t get anyone pregnant, don’t get arrested for stupid shyt. Those were the three big rules in our house that were met with SEVERE consequences.

The biggest one though? Don’t ever embarrass my parents. So if I had been apprehended for stealing ( n*gga shyt violation) AND embarrass my parents? Please believe I would have just grabbed a gun from aisle 8 and started firing into the air in order for the police to lock me up and put me in a cell with killers and child rapists. Because i’d be safe ass safer there.


I feel bad for this kid, i truly do.  Dude got amistad beat all up and down aisles 4-12 of that Burlington coat factory. That’s a whole lot of Southpole, Rocawear and potpurri to see whilst being beaten.  But…. i bet he never steals again.   Just like I bet pops hopes someone is coming to put some money on his books for the commissary right about now.  His behaviour was stupid as hell to do….in public.

Just saying….

I don’t believe in ever BEATING a kid.

…..but…. just saying.

EVERYBODY learned a lesson THAT day.


Thanks to Hauti’s beige ass for the send in.