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What’s good OHellNawl Family, Friends, and F*ckery-Filled-Folk. It’s been a good minute since I posted something, but I have to share this one. It would be a sin, like public booger flicking and grown men with rat tails who don’t surf or put down “rock star” as their job title, to keep this one to myself.

For a while, I’ve been following this documentary which has gained a lot of notoriety and accolades from film festivals, especially in the Baltimore, MD area. 12 O’clock Boyz, a documentary filmed by Lofty Nathan, set out to capture the journey of a young inner city kid named Pug, yes like those nasty nostril snotty dogs, who has a fascination with joining a group of wheelie, trick bikers. The film was supposed to be short, and was partially funded via two kickstarters, one for $12K, and the other for $30K (post-production). But, the documentary ended up spanning 3 years.

3 YEARS!!!

So for three years, these brave ass white boys with expensive filming equipment, followed around a kid in West Baltimore. They might as well have been following this kid around the amazon where O’Shay Jackson was battling Anacondas or the areas outside of the resorts where beautiful white women always getting disappeared. Liam Neeson himself couldn’t walk a Baltimore block without getting enough footage for 3 more Taken films. So from jump, I’m beyond impressed at these film makers.

Then I finally saw the film….

Hands down, the cinematography here is poetic. It’s the Gravity of Documentary films as far as I’m concerned. The way they used slow motion and HD, phantom cameras to capture the bikers, while flooding the streets, evading cops, etc… was stupid nice. (gotta take it back to the 90s).

The story of Pug is both heartwarming and disheartening. You see the environment he’s caged in, and you see the freedom in his eyes every time he sees these 12 O’Clock Boys or tries to imitate them. He’s basically the “lil homie” of the pack, who they all treat like a protégé. He’s charming, wild, passionate, disobedient, loving, misguided, driven, fearless, and BALTIMORE. I can’t express how Baltimore this kid was. If you’ve never been to Bmore, wait until you see how this kid explains things and his silly, braggadocios behavior.

The film is more than that though, and that’s why it’s amazing. They capture being a resident of Baltimore in Pug’s family and neighbors. His mother, Coco, is living proof of a broken cycle that she is very aware of. There are conversations with the founders of the 12 O’Clock Boys about how the club came to be and their purpose. There is footage of the city’s attempt to disband this club, along with interviews with officers who believe it their mission to protect pedestrians from these thug bikers, at all costs, even death.

I would say more, but I’m about to go watch this again.

The documentary is only available on every streaming service possible except Netflix and HBOgo. I know for sure it’s $7.99 on Xbox Videos/Youtube/iTunes and Amazon.

Don’t do it for me, do it for Pug and his momma Coco, and all the other people in the hood with nicknames on their birth certificates!

More advertisements – whatever is featured in here, love it! Buy it! ..if you know what’s good for you.

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  1. Beffa says

    “Don’t do it for me, do it for Pug and his momma Coco, and all the other people in the hood with nicknames on their birth certificates!”


  2. JustSlaus says

    “Don’t do it for me, do it for Pug and his momma Coco, and all the other people in the hood with nicknames on their birth certificates!”

    You don’t wanna accomplish ish in life do you…. not with shyt like this!!

  3. Djodeci Unsanged says

    Lawd forgive me for the Creationists know not what they dun… or simply can’t prove it.