Cute kid or bad parenting?


I’ve been seeing this video all over facebook and on a few websites and most have said oh he’s so cute, oh he’s going to make a great lawyer some day. last night I finally tried to watch it. Tried because after a few seconds of this disrespectful brat I turned it off.

Yes he’s a cute little guy but when you think about it ain’t ish cute about what he did.

First of all if I tell you no that’s all there is to it.

Second of all if I even entertain you trying to reason with me the minute you tell me I’m not listening I’m going to beat your ass and send you to bed.

It is obvious he has been around way too many adults having way too many adult conversations. The fact that this simpleminded trick recorded this and posted it on youtube just adds to my ever growing dislike of social media parenting. Some of these “parents” are more worried about having the next viral video, pic than they are about raising respectful children. Pisses me off! I don’t need to know every aspect of your child’s life. Go be a parent stop trying to be internet famous!

But that’s just me.

What do you think OHN cute kid or bad parenting?

Apparently it is Beth's Job to get on Slaus's nerves.


  1. Chidiva says

    Ain’t nobody under the age of 18 calling me by my first name.There was nothing”cute” about this tiny person going back and forth with an adult.Sorry,Lil pablo woulda been asking for a medic and his rosary beads instead of a delicious,sugary treat if he would have rolled up on me like that.

    • Renee Rhodes says

      asking for a medic really that’s ridiculous most toddlers don’t even know their parents name I’m so lost where was he being disrespectful i feel sorry for your kids in the future of the need a medic just for knowing your name..somebody needs.and management

  2. mrsrony says

    Ok, well this is not what I was expecting to see. My baby is almost 24 years and when that high yellow bastid is 84 he STILL can not NEVA call me be by first name. I wish a 4 yr old would! All this here conversation going back and forth?? I cant even entertain. Ha-Ha hehe my azz. Now dont nobody be surprised when lil man pop Linda in her mouth in another 2-3 yrs.

    • Renee Rhodes says

      who calls there child a bastard learn how to spell that’s wrong that’s disrespectful

  3. R says

    I don’t necessarily think it’s “bad” parenting….does he need some discipline? Of course. Some parents are super lenient on their kids…not how I raise my kid but he’s not a danger to anybody by talking smart nor is she danger in him by continue to go back and forth with him so I wouldn’t use the term “bad”

  4. Kathryn Coll says

    Not cute. Future guest on Maury, Dr. Phil and whatever else show exists, though. I got 18 seconds in and wanted to tell him to shut his mouth and go to his room.

    Man, if I ever had called my mother by her first name, my father’s hand would have descended so fast it would have broken the sound barrier. It’s one thing to know your parents’ names, it’s another to address them that way.

  5. Damon JustDiggs Heard says

    Im just going to say this. The first time he called her Linda should have been the point where the camera went off and the whoopins commenced. For real yo??? I am a 39 year old man and I am not calling my mom Gloria. The only time I make reference to my moms name is to say “Gloria J. did not play. It was not a game in my moms house. You step out of line you will limp back into the line. #IJS

  6. imagination1919 says

    kid is copying somebody who talks to the mom like that… either his dad, granddad, uncle, her boyfriend… somebody this kid respects talks to “linda” like that.. that’s the 1st person who needs to be corrected.

    • Omelette! says

      Exactly, that’s how she’s spoken to by other men in that house. You are absolutely right.

    • MilaXX says

      Not just “Linda”, but “Linda , honey, listen…” as if he’s her man. That is not cute.

  7. Tracey Trying Tobeincognegro says

    Bad parenting, without a doubt. I feel that as parents, we’on owe our children explanations for a single damb decision we make. If we say “no”, that’s it. We are not discussing, debating, negotiating $H!T. Ain’t a damb thing cute about a three year old arguing word for word, cutting her off, etc. When he’s 13 and outta control, I want them to still think it’s cute then. This is probably the same sort of crap that the girl who sued her parents for continued support used to pull when she was little and didn’t get the taste slapped out her mouth . . .

  8. MilaXX says

    I was just telling my sister this last night. That child is talking to his mother! He needs his butt whupped and she needs a slap as well. She is creating a monster. She may think it’s cute now, but it won’t be cute when he’s 10 and running the show. Then she’s gonna wonder why the child won’t obey her.

  9. Djodeci Unsanged says

    She just said she spanks them, so why do I feel like this is staged and that he’s putting on an act that she is directing and (now) producing.

    I think it’s funny. I also think it’s fake. If we knew for sure that he was “acting” then most would call it cute and adorable, cuz erething kids do now are the cutest most adorable things ever.. Which I def don’t agree with.

    If this is real. He going to get kicked out of a lot of pre-schools.

  10. Sweetpea says

    Nope. Nope. Nope. Nip it in the bud now or you are going to be wondering later why he doesn’t pay you any mind.You think it’s cute, bet it won’t be so cute when he is 16 and cussing you out in front of his friends, calling you by your first name. I wish my girl would call me by my first name and then add “honey” like it was my damn middle name.

  11. DB Ruberto says

    Come to think of it, I don’t remember the last time my one-month shy of 20 yr old has said my name/referred to me by my first name… EVAH. Even his friend’s call me Mrs or “Alex’s mom”.
    But THIS one here? At least if he lost his baby teeth it wouldn’t be a lot of dentistry or cost involved…

  12. Beffa says

    I find it interesting how many of y’all are hung up on the fact that he calls her by her first name. That is the least of my issues with this. The fact that his mother told him he could not have cupcakes and he’s going on and on like this is what bothers me. That shows a pure lack of respect. I know there are several parents out there who don’t have an issue with their kids calling them by their first name. Someone on our FB page said the mother allows him to call her by her first name because there was a kid found or something in their area and the child did not know their parents names. They didn’t want that to happen to this little brat. But as I said I ain’t even pressed about that.

  13. says

    It comes off more like the kid is mirroring a male parental figure by the use of “honey” and “Linda”…aside from that, he didn’t use curse words, so parenting can’t be all that bad.

    • Beffa says

      so using cuss words is what would make this bad parenting?

      not that he’s totally being disrespectful in how and what he’s saying?


      • says

        I don’t really want to judge anyone…like I stated, he’s obviously mirroring a male figure…cussing…well…if he used that kind of language towards his Mom, then yah…I would see that as bad parenting…kid is working hard to not get spanked and he’s doing it in a way that is different from most kids.

        • says

          Also…my daughter called me by my first name because she wasn’t around other kids much and no one in my family had kids…she only heard my name and called me so…then she went into daycare at 3 and she started to call me Mom…I certainly didn’t have a problem with her calling me by my name…I haven’t heard it since and it’s been 31 years since…lol

  14. Omelette! says

    I’m not sure I’d teach a little boy that rewards or attention come from “off” behaviour, I just don’t think I’d encourage it because he’ll just be confused when I got tired of it, and I will. Now I’ve only raised a Terrapin, but consistency matters no?

  15. Yaya says

    The day I bargain with you is the day we’re making a business transaction so bytch betta have my money and not be in my damn house talking to me like he doesn’t owe me his whole damn life. I wish a fetus would.

    • notconvincedgranny says

      Preach. Not even if I birthed you with a golden tongue. I dare you to use it on me. Better know where you got it from. And if ya don’t, ya will.

  16. notconvincedgranny says

    From the day I dropped to the day they left this mortal coil, mom and dad were mom and dad. I am Mom, Grandma, Mama, Boss Mama and never does my gubmint honorific slide off their tongues. This kid is being taught it’s cute to mouth off and not everyone will be feeling that crap. They better teach him before life shows him that we may love you, but the rest of the world doesn’t even know you.

  17. Unckle_Ruckus says

    What mother allows a child to call them by their first name? I did that, once in my life, because I heard my older sister try to get away with it. The result…

  18. NayBot says

    beat his ass. You do not EVER call me by my first name if I gave birth to you or you are a niece or nephew. first time he called my by my first name, i would have hit him so damn hard he would have forgotten his own name.