Yo momma gave up the drawls to these songs.

afro_sexyTo me there is nothing like the music of the 60’s and 70’s. I mean ..without quest the 1970’s was a golden age for so many types of music be they Funk, Rock, Soul etc. Sometimes when i go back in time with various tunes from this era, I always remember something deep and profound that my mother, rest her soul, said to me that has shaped my understanding of life as we know it….

” You were the product of an Earth Wind and Fire album….”

ugh. Ugh bytch ugh. Can’t even listen to Earth Wind and Fire without wondering which song was it that caused the great spurt that gave me life.

Ugh bytch ugh. That got mt to thinking that since there were so many funky ass funky songs in the 1970’s when many and most of my friends were conceived, I wonder which songs in particular were the catalyst to their creation. But then I decided to just make it nasty and say: “Yo momma gave up the ass to XYZ song…” That’s right..she really did. Yo momma did things with dicks whilst some of your favourite songs to this day, played in the background.  Many of you are just cringing at the thought of it all and others of the older OHNawlians are thinking: “Yup… I had a whole vagina fulla penis thanks to xyz song.”


This song in particular I want you to know that if you were born around 1977 or 1978, it’s because ….well… yo momma have a box fulla penis.


What songs are you sure the drawls dropped for back in the day?

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  1. JustSlaus says

    man these dudes were so damn cool. When was the last time a man sang about rainbow and waterfalls and a woman felt the need to drop her panties? Not never before and not never after. That’s how cool these fools were

    • Omelette! says

      Distant Lover still makes me sit right down whenever I hear it. My legs just go from under me.

  2. hexacorde says

    Let’s just hope your Pops had the class enough to get the original albums — because it would feel kinda cheap if he made the move thanks to K-Tel.

  3. Omelette! says

    Well I remember the excitement when I bought my parents those Barry White tickets…
    Ok, this is not the source of me but, my Mum loved this song, loved it, so it might as well be the one…

    • rmc_futurephd says

      Why does that look like Will I Am on the left (in the hat) in the screen shot before you click play. lol

    • doubledizze says

      A pimped-out version of Jack Nicholson’s Joker, a grown man dressed as Aladdin, a cat in velvet overalls with a women’s t-shirt underneath, and a dude that threw his outfit together from his mother’s closet. You know they got groupie tales galore.

    • Kfth says

      My dad has told me PLENTY of times, that this song was how he “landed” my mama… then I have to leave the room when he start talking about whatever went down at his homeboy basement party back in 84…

    • Jackie Daniels says

      Hell yeah, this is the song that got me created and what I created my baby on! Isley songs melt the panties like butter on a hot skillet!

  4. Valerie Stephens says

    I unfortunately know too much about my mom and dad…she was 16 he was 18. She partook in the mary jane and I was born a month before her 17th birthday. Oh and apparently she didn’t think you could get pregnant when you were a virgin..SURPRISE here I am. Her fav song to sing or hum was from Parliament Funkadelic..Cosmic Slop. http://youtu.be/0eR4aQrYozY

  5. Yaya says

    I don’t know about my mama but i know I’ve dropped some drawls over

    You have not lived tillyou see Irwin & Meyer live. BEST live show ever back in the day!!!

  6. says

    I’ve always been curious: to all those who were conscious in the 70’s, were 90% of young black american men so skinny? Cause of all the pics I’ve ever seen from that era, of young men, more often than not, they’re skinny as can be.

    • Ms Cha Cha says

      Of course they were. How else were they going to show off their fabulous bell bottoms?

    • says

      Since they traveled by bus from show to show they didn’t eat right. Oh, and groupies… lots of groupies. Groupies will keep your weight down.

    • notconvincedgranny says

      It was just the style of the era. Add to that the fact that the size of the average American has been increasing steadily, and the acceptance of, em, er, ah, queen and king sizes, and there you have a lot of it. And it used to be that you were slim and trim when young, and fat and greasy much, much later. I cry when I see middle schoolers now. No phys ed in school and you couldn’t roll ’em with a heavy duty furniture mover.

  7. Giazzy OhsoClassy says

    I’m pretty sure the Sexual Healing cassette tape that always sat so readily accessible in the stereo had something to do with my existence.