Lights Out. The reason I’m not ever turning my lights off again.

Who’s There is a Horror Short Film Challenge that allows indie directors the chance to compete to see who can craft a horrifying narrative in short film format.

Basically they all compete to see which one of them can create the best NOPE. In 2013 David Sanberg was the winner and…. I see why.

This whole gatdamn film should just be called: “Nawl Bytch”. Because that is exactly what I said every 4 seconds of this film……

Watch before you read my commentary…..

bytch I said go watch the video first. Hardheaded-ass bytch.



Look… the first time I turned the light off and saw that shadowy lil fucker, it would have been:

And by chance I stayed around to try it again to see if i did see what it was I thought the fuck I saw, it would have been like:

aaaaand by the third time I had the same results and saw the same lil creepy ass creepy bytch standing there, this is exactly what would have went down:
burn it down


This is what gets me. Bytch if saw what you saw not once but thrice, WHY the FUCK are you actually trying to go to bed. WHY!!??? ¬†AND the light you know you left on… that you TAPED in the On ass ON position only for it to then turn off and you hear something running up the hall!!????

everything about this shyt was one big: NOPE!

Well done though.


Vanessa ain’t shyt for sending this in though.

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  1. Virtual_Virgo says

    I hate that I watched this. My electric bill will be hella high this month. I would have turned on EVERY light in that apt, packed a damn bag and come back in the morning with a priest, witch doctor and wino to do an exorcism in the place.

  2. Beffa says

    I cussed this bitch out so crazy

    soon as I saw the figure…I’m out

    but no this bitch keeps turning the light on and off like some fool

    when that figure was right next time I would have pushed it and ran the fuck up out there

    why the fuck did she go to bed?

    and why the fuck did she reach out from under the protection of her covers to get the light plug…fuck y’all, y’all know covers protect you and shit

    this bitch never got any type of weapon either

    she deserved whatever the freaky face creature was going to do with her cause she was stupid

    • JustSlaus says

      “and why the fuck did she reach out from under the protection of her covers to get the light plug…fuck y’all, y’all know covers protect you and shit” Thaaaaaank you!! YOu know. Unlike other folks who act like they don’t know the truth!! :: glares at choc::

      covers will save you. Don’t take this away from me.

  3. Chocl8t says

    I LOLd so hard at this dumb bish. I mean…WHO over the age of 10 hides under the covers? Dumb white girls in horror movies, that’s who!! White women must feel some kind of way for being portrayed as gullible idiots on film. LOL

    • JustSlaus says

      ::sniff sniff: everyone knows the covers protect you! Just cuz YOU didn’t get the memo! How dare you judge me i mean.. them….

      • Chocl8t says

        I hate being scared. HATE. IT! When scared the fight/flight mechanism takes over and guess what EYE do? FIGHT! LOL Ask my sister about the last time she and my niece jumped out of closet to scare me WHO got clocked square between the eyes? ME. NO. LIKEY.

        Because of this, when I hear isht go bump in the night my first thought is to grab the peacemaker out of the nightstand and walk towards said “bump” with it locked and loaded. I’ve walked down the hallway of my house several times over the years looking like I was filming a scene from “Coffy” or “Sheba Baby”. ME. NO. PLAY!! lol

  4. doubledizze says

    I watched this in my office, middle of the day, lights on, building full of people….and I STILL covered my eyes. Movie had me looking like….

    • MrsMegabucks says

      I did the exact same damn thing. My dog was even under the desk and I STILL covered my eyes rocking back and forth. My boss is now really concerned about me and my life…

  5. Sunnii Dae says

    Phuck turning off lights!!! I’d be the non-blinkingest bitch that ever stared down the SUN! Y’all worried about shutting out lights, I aint shuttin my eyes!!

  6. DameloSuave says

    Every light would be on as I packed a bag & left. IF I came back, it’d be brighter than 1000 suns…always.

  7. notconvincedgranny says

    Question: Are blankets supposed to be made of monster repelling Kevlar? Because I believe that the first time the lights went out you don’t get under some flimsy Ikea coverlette and hope the monster is scared of your decorating skills.

    (did little monster man remind anyone else of Trilogy of Terror? with the little doll getting all stabby wit it? just looks like he’s grown up)

  8. Micchi Dawn says

    You caused me to scream my heart out! The shadow I could handle that ugly looking Troll like thing with the eyes noooooooooooo

  9. NayBot says

    NOPE. After the 3rd or 4th flick and that little shyt moved closer, I was like nope. I don’t even need to see the rest of the flick to know this is beyond bullshyt and I will never turn off a light again. LOL