More boolsh*t on Slaus’s Phone. I regret nothing

I know I know. I know my girl T Cobb is out there screaming “Somebody come and take Slaus’s gifs away from him!!” ¬†And others of you are about to say: ” Slaus… it’s too early for this!”

Well you know what!?? It’s never too early for some Slausy-ass shyt. So… just let me be great.


Tell her, Puppy!!

I didn’t want minty fresh breath ANYway….


I swear when he got bust in the head, I bet it didn’t even make a BANG sound or a thump. That shyt was like: NOPE. He knocked that bytch’s whole disguise off his face.

Like a Boss…

As a parent all i’m thinking about is: WHAT THE FUCK is gonna get those grass stains out…

If she survived… i’d have lol’d all in her face ass face..

” He responded: NIgga Fuel and punched the student in the jaw….”

Fuck everything aBOUT Wasps…

As a side gig… Yours truly is responsible from designing book covers for a romance publisher. This is not one of mine….

………………….that taper.



Yeah… I ain’t shyt.



Well Damn, ….

Every time Lindsay Lohan comes up in conversation I think: WHY the f*ck is Linday Lohan relevant to ANYTHING!! Then I remember… Boobs.

My reaction to the stank-ass face you are making about the lindsay Lohan gif…


Baby: Seriously, WHiskers!?
Whiskers: Lay yo ass down, lil n*gga…
Baby: Aiight then….

Why White friends are bad for your health….


Sit down Chad! Fuck outta here, Wally! Centrifugal force, Bytch!

Flex the left cheek… Flex the right cheek..

When someone at work tells you how to do your job

Look at this damn just rip into his damn flesh! Nope.

Anyone else have a hard time not masturbating to Beyonce’s: Partition video?


Cuuuuuz when that video is on, I’m like…

When not responding to the dictate:" Will the Defendant Please Rise.." CEO and Creator of OHN;Slaus, is a comic illustrator and Social Media whore who spends his free time building legos, playing video games, drawing fantasy characters and being abused by his wife, two sons and cat.

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  1. Leo the Yardie Chick says

    Literally LOLed at the disciplinary note. Planned a bastard’s murder after reading that note on the monitor screen.

  2. Yaya says

    what the fuck is the devil’s secretary doing to his finger and why is he sitting there like he’s proud he’s tasty?

  3. notconvincedgranny says

    That thang on the toothbrush is unaware of the rule that says even if you shared spit and other bodily fluids, the fang scraper is sacrosanct. Ol’ Megaleg needs to buy the owner another one, AND catch up on his rent. Anything in the house that looks like that better be a roommate.

  4. Leo the Yardie Chick says

    And speaking of planning a murder, anyone who throws a firecracker in while I’m showering will be a chalk outline before my body’s dry.

  5. FubsyNumbles says

    That woman, falling off the bike. Shall I tell you what I thought? Yea, go on.

    If an Olympic gymnast could teach a corpse how to somersault, that would be the result.

    I watched that solidly for 5 minutes, laughing every single time the exact same thing happened. Fucking hilarious.

  6. FubsyNumbles says

    Lindsay Lohan. Whatever. Like I give a fu…..oh….booobs…..boooobs…..

  7. Tawana Reeves says

    The shower killed me and that taper has me wanting to kill myself with surgeries or running cross-country.

  8. Unckle_Ruckus says

    Finally saw the puppy gif in all it’s glory. Glad I didn’t catch it at work. I only been there two weeks and would have been shown the door by the Carlton dressed security guards.

  9. CaraQ says

    That Partition video got people molested, surprised relations and babies…

    That damn Santa cover… he was kissing mommy all right!

  10. Jonesey says

    Man… after the goddess in the blue bikini, none of what followed was of any more interest. And I don’t even remember any of what was before her.
    Excuse me while I go stare at her picture for the remainder of the day.

    • Jonesey says

      … and no, whatever genitals she was born with could not be of any less interest to this < woman.

  11. says

    The motorcycle one…assholes like that car driver are why I sometimes wish I was a more mean, not giveafuck about consequences type of person: would be so pissed I’d beat that bitch with my helmet. But no…I would just imagine it as they spew words out of their stupid talk hole.