White People Problems and your embarrassing music choices

Yeah.. I can see how this might be a problem ass problem.

I remember back in my young days when I was out partying with my friends ( many white) and we’d be driving somewhere blaring Tupac or some shyt with the top down riding around and whenever the word: Nigga came up, they would all skip it and i’d be there cracking the hell up because they refused to sing the shyt. I usually cussed them out because I told them I’m SURE that when a Black person isn’t ear shot, they sing the shyt out of it so don’t front ass front right now.  Like that scene in the movie: White Chicks..

Still my homies of a lighter complexion refuuuuuused to say the damn word in my presence and ya know what, I respected them for that I guess. SO when they decided to not say the ish, my young dumb evil azz would say it anyway till the point it became a game that when the word came up, they would all point to me to say the shyt, but then i’d replace the word: Nigga with random other racial slurs until we were all in tears laughing.

why_r_you_whiteThis also takes me back to a time when I lived in Northern Cali and was driving with the top down near Jack London Square near Yoshi’s when Nsync’s Bye Bye Bye came on, which I will admit….was my shyt. Ok it is still my shyt. Fuck y’all don’t judge me.  Anyway, I was at the stop light and was GIGGING in the ride singing that shyt when a car of brothers pulled up next to me and gave me a hard ass side-eye. I sat there in my seat quiet..embarrassed as hell before saying:” Maaan Y’all mufuggas love this shyt too, don’t front. :: continues gigging::” Then the brothers turned up the same station and BOTH cars of homies had the ish blaring and we were all cracking up at the redlight.

Man i’ve been busted in the ride singing, Country… disney…. ANime soundtracks….Pop. Bytch don’t let Katy Perry’s; Dark Horse come on… it’s a wrap.

Have you ever been busted enjoying a “questionable” music choice?

Bytch you know you got busted singing to the Spice Girls… don’t lie.


When not responding to the dictate:" Will the Defendant Please Rise.." CEO and Creator of OHN;Slaus, is a comic illustrator and Social Media whore who spends his free time building legos, playing video games, drawing fantasy characters and being abused by his wife, two sons and cat.

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  1. says

    Wow… I just had a flashback. Bright summer day. Cruising for the fun of it. I was sitting at a stop light and a car pulls up with two extremely fine sisters in it. They kept looking at me and talking to each other, but since they were considerably younger than me I just let it go. When we got to the next light, it was obvious that they had slowed down to wait for me. They turned their flirt game up and I saw how good they really looked. Now I figured I would test them to see how interested they were. So when the light changed, I let them get ahead of me, cut behind them, and parked in a liquor store parking lot. They got to the next corner, turned into the far entrance of the parking lot and parked next to me. When I rolled down the window to start the conversation, they got the confused puppy screw face, looked at each other, and busted out laughing. I forgot I was blasting the Electric Light Orchestra. I took the L, rolled my window back up, and kept on jamming ELO.


  2. SY says

    FUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUCCCCCCCCCCCKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKK… I refuse to say that I CAN STILL be caught Jamming Madonna (Fuckyou judge away) And will sing “Part of Your World” LOUDLY AND HORRIBLY because I can! Damnit… I am 32 years old and DGAF!! LMAO I will enjoy my silly life!!

      • JustSlaus says

        I’lll never Be and aaaaangellllllll
        I’ll never be, a Saint, it’s truuuuuueee
        I’m too busy surviiiiving…..

        Lemme tell you. This is my fav MAdonna cd…. ever

        • Omelette! says

          It’s a toss up between this and Erotica for me.
          This so pretty (before she got unbearably pompous).

  3. TracyTrips says

    Don’t even TRY to say you don’t jam the fuck out to this. I love the military covers of it!

    • JustSlaus says

      let me go even further… I jam the fugg out when this is on…

      bytches I said stop judging me!!!

        • Lately25 says

          I didn’t even know who One Direction was, welllll actually I still don’t. But I KNOW this damn song and jamz it HARD!!!

      • Lately25 says

        Toooo many drunk trips to New Orleans were spent bouncing from club to club, and you can bet they had this shiz right here blasting, and us dancing like crazy to it!

  4. JustSlaus says

    and if this comes on whilst we are driving, you need to STFU and not talk to me for the full length of the song…

  5. RisqueLady says

    Yep, I remember those days!!! Now that I’m older, I give no F*ks to who hears me crankin songs I was embarrassed to sing out loud! Btw, “Islands In The Stream” – Dolly Parton/Kenny Rogers/Bee Gees is my shyt 😛

  6. Kasey Toomuchcoffeeboi Tucker says

    Screw it I keep effing up posting this but basically I will BUMP the hell out of the Go-Go’s anytime…anyplace! And you’ll find a scorched empty field of fucks I give about anyone judging me…In fact something is wrong with you on a cellular level if you have NEVER liked anything Belinda Carlisle crooned in the 80’s!!!

    • Final Girl says

      “you’ll find a scorched empty field of fucks I give ”
      You won. Like, for real. You are my new spirit animal.

      • Kasey Toomuchcoffeeboi Tucker says

        Cool! But just to forewarn you…I ain’t shit on an hourly basis…

  7. Kasey Toomuchcoffeeboi Tucker says

    If you don’t shut all the way the hell up when THIS comes up, you basically sign up for the electric chair in my house!

    • Kasey Toomuchcoffeeboi Tucker says

      Fun fact: His Lola (or me-maw to some of you nigz) was sangin’ her ass off in this!

    • mrsrony says

      I went to see him in concert once with coworkers. Me and a backup singer were the only ink dots on the field. I showed OUT and cared not one iota!!

  8. BSmuv says

    I fall back into my Identity Crises days when any of these coming on in like an doctor’s office or Staples:

    • Kasey Toomuchcoffeeboi Tucker says

      Man fuck this video when you’re trippin balls!…I mean I love his work!

  9. DB Ruberto says

    (Posted to wrong section because I am special):

    I was at the bus stop just yesterday singing this one:

    No, there are no fucks given

  10. JustSlaus says

    and also… i admit…. I love me some gatdamn Rick Ross…

    I think I’m BIG MEECH!!! SLAUSY HOOVER……

    Please don’t kick me out of the SSBN, y’all… I need my Secret Society of Bourgeois Negroes….

        • JustSlaus says

          over here, when i worked at the record for years in high school and college, we did in fact have them in Jazz round these parts. Over there they are pop? interesting.

          • Omelette! says

            Yep, they were pop here, look at their peers, so many groups sounded like that.

  11. RisqueLady says

    “Shootin at the walls of heartache…bang bang…I am the warrior.”
    That’s rite…I sang it out LOUD!!!

  12. Kasey Toomuchcoffeeboi Tucker says

    Hot and burnANG…in yo nostrils! Pouring…DOWN YO GAAAPING MOUF ohwoooo!

  13. notconvincedgranny says

    Spandau Ballet. Tears for Fears. Steve Winwood. Florence and the Machine. Fitz and the Tantrums. I have no shame.

  14. says

    I traded groups with my first college roommate. I got him hooked on Slave and Rick James, and he got me hooked on Jethro Tull.


  15. Unckle_Ruckus says

    In my car, the playlist has no boundaries. One night I’m at a stop light and a truck full of white kids pull up next to me, blasting Gawd knows what full of misogyny and N-bombs. Not one hat was worn in the proper direction as they head nodded. Loved at me, for confirmation or to receive hood passes. I simply turned up my speakers and let Metallica speak on my behalf. “Am I evil” flew out of the window and I threw up the two fingers out the sunroof and gave a guttural scream. Left their silly azzes right at the intersection. Didn’t need anyone to hand me a pass into the Kingdom of Metal, I took it.

  16. Valerie Stephens says

    IDGAFFFF where I am when this comes on! Singing to the top of my lungs…
    Some will win some will looose some are born to siiiiing the bluueeess!!!

  17. LadyCant says

    I might get divorced and excommunicated from OHN, but……..I’ll own it.

    Okay, maybe not OWN………*slinks away*

    • JustSlaus says

      THAAAAAANK YOU! LMAAAOOOO I needed someone else to admit they liked Nickelback before sat here by myself…

      Let me tell you what is life. Me and Minista at my birthday a few years ago. Drinking tequila… and singing and harmonizing Nickelback songs..

    • Kasey Toomuchcoffeeboi Tucker says

      I saw them with Corey Hart and Glass Tiger in Windsor Ontario in the 80’s…I sang louder than every Biff and Buffy in the stadium!

  18. DameloSuave says

    I can’t believe not one of you hookers said this one:

    And of course

    Ain’t no lie, bye bye bye!

  19. DameloSuave says

    Umm, no one said this either? What’s wrong with y’all? You covered Bon Jovi, a-ha, and Kim Carnes…

    I can’t remember the movie, but I like the song


  20. Jonesey says

    … that one time a few years back, when I was listening to “Bed of Roses” by Bon Jovi on a crouded train and someone squeezing by ripped out the plug of my heaphones… it was a Sony Walkman mobile and those intelligent bastards will switch to speaker mode at exactly whateeeever volume you were listening to when they register the headphones unplugging. So… I was blasting a crowded train with what is probably the cheesiest ballad that ever cheesed by an artist I usually really can’t stand. I don’t usually blush, but… I went full on tomato.

  21. letinstar says

    this makes me want to tie a bandanna around my head, put on a pair of extra snug pleather trousers and strut around….

  22. Hoppylulu says

    I act a fool when any Bon Jovi comes on….Wanted Dead or Alive? You better watch out.

    And Barry Manilow’s Copacobana…..LOVE.