Every face you’re going to make at work on a Monday…

It’s not monday’s fault that it is a fuck-ass day of the week which we all have come to loathe and wish to murder. No it’s not poor monday’s fault. But still it changes nothing that Monday is Monday which means Monday is just a fuck-ass day of the week. Sorry, Monday…you just are what you are. Nothing about you is loved, cherished or welcomed by any member of polite society sooooo it just is what it is.

But you know what really makes Monday a piece of shit? It’s not really monday at all, no. It’s work. It’s a return to work after several days of being away from all the boolshyt, fuckassness and forced anal penetration that is our jobs and or places of work. That is the problem!

And this collection of gifs sums up exactly every face you’re going to make today and what you’ll be thinking whilst doing so..

When you hear the alarm go off on Monday….

When you realize it’s monday and you have to go to work….

When you honk for that bytch, Martin to hurry his ponk-as up to come to the car for morning carpool.

Your face when your boss asks you why you didn’t  answer any of his 20 messages you over the weekend. Ignoring the fact that the weekend is your time.

The face of your coworker who also isn’t trying to hear that “check emails over the weekend shit”.


The face you make at the coworker whom your Boss says was the first to reply to said weekend emails ON the weekend….

Your face when someone books a meeting on your calendar even though they can see on the screen that you already have another meeting…

Your face during the 3rd meeting of the day and it’s not even 11am….

When Kelley has to leave to pick-up her sick kid from school and now you have to do Kelley’s work and yours….

When someone says some ol fuck-assness to you and then you remember you still have your gun in the car from this weekend…

The note you want to leave for Larry. Every office has a Larry. And Larry is usually a fuck-ass. You’re a fuck-ass, larry.


What gif describes your monday mood at work?



When not responding to the dictate:" Will the Defendant Please Rise.." CEO and Creator of OHN;Slaus, is a comic illustrator and Social Media whore who spends his free time building legos, playing video games, drawing fantasy characters and being abused by his wife, two sons and cat.

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  1. Jonesey says

    (Typing this as I sit in my office)
    Y’all gonna hate me… but… I actually don’t mind it that much really. The exception being 1) dark days, 2) depressed days and 3) migraine days. I’m mostly fine coming here though, because even when it is an office/desk job I swore up and down I would not get “caught” in, my boss is cool 95% of the time, I have great (and flexible) work hours, get paid alright and I’m actually doing what it says on my university degree PLUS management. Granted, sometimes it’s a sh!t ton of pressure and I could use another me, basically, to get a handle on the work load… but across the board it’s more “perky” than not.

  2. Beffa says

    Every office has a Larry. And Larry is usually a fuck-ass. You’re a fuck-ass, larry.

    I laughed so hard at this…

  3. SY says

    And that’s all I have to say about that…

    Oh and my “Larry” is named Tracy and I HATE DAT BITCH… i tripped her last week and was able to play it off… !!!

  4. vanessa197676 says

    LMAO. I work from home every day, so I no longer put up with Larry’s in person. I also set my push notifications on my phone so that I stop getting emails at 8pm on Friday, and start getting them again at 6am on Monday.

    Oh well.

  5. Valerie Stephens says

    1. Got into an argument about the cat this morning w/ the s/o.
    2. I work with the homeless here in my city. We run a showering program in the mornings for those that slept on the street the night before. SOMEONE took a shyt in one of the showers.
    3. It’s raining cats, dogs, wild geese and pigs here. Coming from showering to the main building i’m soaking wet…and they have the air on.
    4. It’s my granny’s birthday today…she’s been gone 2 years now and I’m missing her like hell.
    5. Mama nae is a bytch.
    6. I have two reports due last week.
    7. I have my ear-buds in. The “diva” or Larry of my office calls me from HER phone to MINE….to ask me why our phone line being tied up by someone else in ANOTHER office. I told her since they didn’t want to add a new line for her that she uses our line. She calls our supervisor like I’m lying….now she’s on the phone tying up the line with a personal call.
    8. I have a migraine…..


  6. Guest says

    The look when my boss ask for volunteers to stay late on Mondays (and unpaid at that). 2 heaping cups of NOPE for that mofo!!!

  7. CaraQ says

    Get this: I work at a place where I actually ASK for work, but for whatever reason… I get none. She gives it all to her office pet or spends ungodly amounts of time at the office trying to do it all (nights AND weekends). She tells me specialized skills are needed… have you SEEN my resume? Because I’m close to awesome. So I end up fugging around with you guys on FB all day while doing school work. *hmpf*